Innovative Ways to Build High-Quality Backlinks for Your Website - Tips and Suggestions

You can never have enough of backlinks to help you with getting your business website more optimized for search engines. To get more traffic from trusted sources can be a headache. This article will illustrate some creative strategies which you can use to get more backlinks in creative and innovative ways which will guarantee to give you more traffic to your business website.

1.  Working with schools

As far as backlinks are concerned, working with schools is always cool. Search engines like Google like .edu type domains and when you get a link from such a website, it can do wonders for your site in search engine rankings. All that you would require is a software package which helps either teachers or their students and would be used in educational institutions. If you do not have any such software, then also you need not worry. You can write a post about some specific topics or knowledge domains, and you may consider delivering lectures to your local schools. It is kind of a guest post where you will be asking other people to write guest posts on your blog or your business website.

2.  Discover links which are broken

It can feel a bit geeky to be scouring the internet trying to find links which are broken in certain websites and then requesting them whether you would be allowed to replace these broken links with links which direct to your site. Well, it might, but it is still an unconventional method to backlinking and blink building and will give you good results. The main reason for this is that you will be doing the owner of that website a massive favor by showing him the damaged and broken links in their pages.

There are websites which are related to your industry and niche which can give you some wonderful backlinks which are contextual but have sadly, linked to other sites which have not been preparing any form of fresh and relevant content as of yet. But these websites may have some broken links which need to be replaced at the earliest. Sometimes, because of apathy or a shortage of time, some website owners will probably not even be aware of the fact that some of their links have been broken. You must point these links out so that they can appreciate this gesture of yours. You can use strategies to graft a link building system where you will be finding out websites which are relevant to your niche and then locate all the broken links on these specific websites. After you have located these broken links, you must inform and intimate the owners of those websites about these links and then offer to replace the broken links with links to your business website. Your message, however, has to be in a polite, courteous manner, it has to serve their specific purpose and must reassure them that they will get a valuable link to your website in return.

3.  Try pretending to be a woman

This is a highly unconventional method, but it is effective nonetheless. Studies and researchers have shown that women bloggers tend to get more links. Most male bloggers do not get replies back when they try to reach out to other bloggers for a few good links. However, the percentages of women who get replies back are way too much in comparison to their male counterparts. Most of the times, the replies are positive also. Although there can be a lot of theories which can try to explain the reasons for this, for instance, if women are considered more trustworthy than their male counterparts are, the fact is, you can consider pretending to be a woman to get more backlinks from other bloggers. This is unconventional, but as studies have shown, it is rather effective in its results.

Organic traffic gives you credibility, it increases your search results rankings, and more people will visit your website to learn and read your content. This will increase the number of your potential clients and hence your business too shall improve and expand.


There are plenty of strategies and ways by which digital marketers have tried to increase how organic traffic can be increased on your business websites. Link building and backlinking is an essential part of that strategy. The more creative methods you employ, the better the chances are of you getting more backlinks from reputed companies and their websites. However, you have to ensure the links you get are good quality and do not succumb to just spamming. Hopefully, this article would have provided you with some insight regarding how you can get more creative with your backlinking strategies which can eventually help you to get more business from online sources.

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