Key Qualities That Great SEO Companies Must Possess

Online business is quite lucrative but competitive because of the millions of businesses available. A good company should understand how digital marketing works and the strategies that will benefit your business. You need a company that will attract relevant traffic to your website and ensure that these traffic coverts to leads and actual sales. With the right search engine optimization services, your business will greatly improve its search engine rankings.  Here are some of the qualities that great SEO companies must possess.

Understands the three levels of SEO

SEO involves much more than just creating content with relevant keywords and meta descriptions. You need a company that will approach all the three tiers of search engine optimization:

·  Technical level involving your website structure

·  On-page optimization

·   Off-page optimization

If the existing search engines are unable to access the content on your website, then all other SEO strategies employed on your site will not yield results. You should work with the best SEO firm that understands the technical issues and limitations that the search engines have. This way, they will clearly explain this to your website developers so that they can work on issues that may inhibit your website rankings.

Outstanding communication practices

A good company should clearly communicate with the clients on why they need specific changes on their websites. They should speak to their clients in a non-confrontational and respectful manner. A good SEO professional should know how to work with people from all walks of life. When the business and the SEO experts work together, they will move the company from its present state to a better place.

SEO experience

Anyone can start up an SEO company and claim to be an expert. However, this does not guarantee that they actually know what they are doing. This is because there are countless small things that are involved for SEO to be successful and this takes years of experience to grasp. Every business website needs unique SEO strategies for it to succeed. A seasoned SEO expertlikeElite Search Commander will look at your business goals, your website and your target audience and determine what is needed to drive traffic to your website.


Due to the increased popularity and numerous benefits of SEO to businesses, some companies tend to use “black hat” SEO techniques such as spamming doorway pages, or invisible text to improve their rankingon the search engines. However, these strategies do not yield long-term results and they are prohibited by the search engines. You need a company that employs white hat SEO strategies that will attract organic traffic to your websites. This will ensure that you maintain a higher ranking for longer and that your website is not banned from the search engines.

A proven track record

It is easy for business owners to be convinced by the game of words. However, a proven track record in SEO is what will differentiate one company from the others. There are lots of websites and blogs with thousands of articles describing the various SEO tactics that businesses can employ to ensure success. Successful SEO strategies are easier said than implemented. A good firm should be able to prove to their clients that they have succeeded in doing this before and not just give promises. A good company will give you references of clients that they have worked with before and show you their success over time.


A good company will be honest about the strategies that they employ and will give realistic promises. SEO takes time to yield results.Therefore, you should avoid companies that promise you instant high rankings in the search engines. You should not waste your money on crooked firms that make promises that they cannot deliver. You should spend your money on an SEO firm that is committed to hard work and makes realistic promises.

Aligns SEO with your existing marketing

Search engine optimization is an integral part of your online marketing campaign and should not be treated as a separate entity. A good SEO firm will integrate this into your inbound marketing strategies. You need a company that has specialists who can help you with SEO and provide other valuable services for your business. This will ensure that your SEO strategies are in line with other digital marketing techniques to ensure the success of your business.

Whether you run a small, medium-size or large multinational, you should remember that SEO is a long-term investment for businesses. Relying on web traffic to drive your marketing and sales may not yield much for your company. Therefore, it is important to find an expert who understands the objectives and goals of your business. A good company is one that has built a reputation in the field and has loyal clients. They will communicate well with their customers and will also deliver the results that are expected from them.

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Trevor Wells is a digital marketing manager at Elite Search Commander. Apart from digital marketing, he loves to writeguest posts for several renowned technology websites.


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