Little Things That Mean A Lot To Your Employees

The more you read about it, the more you will realize that being a manager is less like exact science and more like applied art. By this, we mean that, while there are useful management techniques, being a manager is not something you can learn from a book. It takes years of experience and personal growth to acquire the necessary skills. And what many managers fail to realize is that there are certain things that mean a lot to your employees. So, if you are looking to up your management skills, here is why you need to know.

Everyday things that mean a lot to your employees

One of the first things that managers learn is that they need to be present. An absentee manager will at best underperform, and at worst, ruin the employee dynamic. This is mostly because, to be a manager, you need to follow your employees' everyday workings and help steer them towards better job performance. To do this properly, there are small steps you can take that will help your employees feel more welcomed and worthwhile. While none of these steps will do miracles on their own, they can change the workplace dynamic quite substantially when put together.

Recognizing their effort

There is nothing worse than working tirelessly for days on end and not getting recognized. And while the famous quote from Don Draper that money is used to represent gratitude is quite catchy, it is not exactly true. Of course, financially rewarding your employees is always a good idea. But, never underestimate the value of a kind word and public appraisal. If your employee did something right, make sure to congratulate them. If they went out of their way to solve a problem and yield better results for your company, make sure they are recognized. Doing so will ensure that your workers are well appreciated and that their effort is not ignored.

Helping them connect with each other

As we mentioned before, being a manager includes self-growth. There is rarely a person that is born to be a manager. Most of them develop their skills and attitudes over years of trial and error. And one of the most common mistakes that managers make is solely focusing on their connection with employees. Instead, what you ought to do is let your employees connect with each other.

Employees often rank their team as the main reason for staying with a company. A good team will help you come to work smiling and endure all the boredom and hardships of everyday work. So, it should be your job as the manager to create and maintain a good team. Excellent managers do this naturally by finding connections between team members and helping them realize. But, if this is not natural for you, know that team building activities can be surprisingly effective. Just try to give your employees room to connect without you. However welcoming you think you are, know that there are some things that they cannot openly discuss without you.

Keeping track of big events in their lives

A neat trick to help build a relationship with your employees is to keep track of larger events in their lives. Birthdays, especially their children's birthdays, are an excellent example of what remember. A simple word of congratulations will do a world of good. If you incorporate a small present, you will easily win your employees over. Luckily, keeping track of birthdays is relatively easy with Facebook. And, if they don't have one, try to find out when the birthdays are and memorize them on your phone.

Dealing with stress

So far, we've only covered things that mean a lot to your employees which you can tackle when everything is running smoothly. Unfortunately, things will not always go as planned. All companies have to deal with stressful changes and challenging periods. This is why you, as a manager, need to know how which things will help your employees deal with strenuous times.

Office moving

Even if you prepare correctly and organize it in a timely manner, office relocation will be difficult. Your employees will have to find ways to work around the demanding work environment and keep your company running for as long as possible. Your job here is first to recognize the added stress that your workers are experiencing. Only then can you work with them to ensure that the pressure is kept at a manageable level. The things you can do are:

● Inform them of relocation progress.

● Let them know that you, and the other managers, are aware of the stressful period.

● Ask them for input and advice.

The more they feel included in the process, the less stress they will experience, so try letting them know that they are a part of the team.

Impending deadline

An impending deadline is something that almost all companies need to tackle at some point. It often includes working over hours, high-intensity workloads, and overall workplace stress. So, again, it is up to you to help manage the built-up tension. Here, too, you need to include your workers and give them an idea of how they are progressing. Ensure that they understand that the current workload is not standard and that there is a definite end to the present stress.

Being willing to help

The final way to show your employees that you value them is to show the willingness to help. No manager is perfect, and even the most experienced ones cannot know everything. But, if your employees see that you are willing to learn how to help them, they will already feel appreciated. So, instead of trying to control everything, try to work with your employees to ensure a positive, well-running workplace.


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