Marketing 101: 3 Ways Your Online Presence Can Positively Affect Your Business

Building an online presence is something that all business owners should work on to improve their overall marketing. Some, however, still aren’t clear on exactly what the benefits of a larger online presence are. Here are three of the most important ways in which your business’ online presence can positively impact its sales, earnings, and profits.

Help You Reach More Customers

The largest advantage of having a significant online presence as a business is that it helps you reach customers who would otherwise never have been able to learn about or connect with your brand. With social media, video marketing, and online content, you can let an entirely new audience find out about your business. Over time, this will generate a steady flow of new sales and help your business reach its full earning potential.

Increase Your Conversions

Even companies with reasonably good brand recognition sometimes struggle with converting leads into paying customers. When it comes to conversions, your digital presence is essential. New members of your audience may need to engage with your brand multiple times before they decide to buy. Many will also seek out reviews of your business from other past customers in an effort to find out about the quality of your product or service.

The power of online presence in driving conversions is so great that an entire industry of businesses has developed to help companies increase their digital conversion rates with specialized strategies. One example of such a support company is The Rainmaker Institute, a digital marketing company that specializes in conversion optimization for law firms. Many similar firms exist to help companies across a wide range of different business niches.

Make Improving Your Business Easier with Customer Feedback

Every business owner knows that the customer is always right, but getting feedback to improve your business from customers isn’t always easy. Fortunately, in the digital realm, it’s much simpler to ask for, receive and process reviews of your product or service.

Though these reviews are also valuable for helping other potential customers learn about your business, they are a wealth of information about how your business can improve itself. Use email follow-ups and social media to ask for reviews, then use the information you receive from those reviews to continuously improve your business and make it a better value for your customers.

These are just some of the ways in which a strong digital presence can benefit your business. Dedicate time and resources to building your online presence, and you’ll soon be able to see these benefits at work for yourself.


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