A Mini Guide to Moving Your Traditional Business Online

While bricks and mortar stores are still earning a healthy revenue, it is possible to generate a bigger annual profit by embracing the digital world. After all, it can open a traditional business up to a new audience and could help them to utilize various sales and marketing channels.

If you want to grow your customer base and profit margin, read the following advice for moving your traditional business online.

Change the Company Culture

While you might understand the importance of moving your traditional business online, your employees, stakeholders or members of management might be afraid to enter the digital world.

To ensure your company’s survival and financial growth, you must make sure everyone is on board with a digital transformation by stating the benefits of moving online and embracing new technologies. As a result, it will allow your business to adapt to the necessary changes quickly, and it could increase your team’s productivity levels.

Launch a Website

Once you have the backing of your team, your next focus should be on launching your company’s website, which will serve as the front door to your online company. It’s here many people will visit to discover more about your brand, products, and services, so the site must complement your branding, products, and services. For example, if you run a traditional law firm, develop a professional online presence by investing in the best websites for lawyers.

Create an Online Marketing Strategy

Once you have developed a high-quality website that reflects who you are and what you do, you should turn your attention to developing an effective online marketing strategy.

Thankfully, there are various social media platforms that can help you to connect with your target audience online. For example, Facebook can be an ideal network for retailers, as 78% of Americans have reportedly bought products they discovered on the social network.

It is, therefore, critical to develop attention-grabbing posts, which can encourage users to follow your brand and buy your products and services.

For example, you should:

  • Avoid only posting self-serving ads
  • Launch superb competitions
  • Provide exclusive deals to your followers
  • Cross-promote with other companies online

Focus on Building a Solid SEO Campaign

If you want your website to rank in Google and climb the way up the search engines for your chosen keywords, you need to develop a rock-solid search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Consequently, you can drive a substantial amount of traffic to your website, which can lead to a greater brand awareness and a bigger annual revenue.

To run an effective SEO campaign, you’ll need to:

  • Research powerful keywords for your business
  • Perform an SEO audit
  • Create a pillar content strategy
  • Improve on-site optimization
  • Build backlinks to your website
  • Master local SEO

Prepare Your Business for Online Growth

Running an online business can be quite different from a bricks and mortar company. You’ll need to manage various online marketing campaigns, increase your website security, responds to customer emails, answer an influx of calls, analyze big data, and ensure your business routinely adheres to data protection.

As a result, you might need to hire additional customer service representatives, gain a thorough understanding of your company’s legal requirements, and recruit a forward-thinking data scientist.


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