The Need to Prioritise Loyal Customers When Giving Out Free Shirts

As you decide to give out free promotional merchandise, you need to be careful in determining who receives it. You cannot stand outside a mall handing out these items. Of course, everyone would want them. It does not mean though that they will automatically become your customers.


The first thing to do is identify what promotional merchandise to give away. You can consider next day t-shirt printing if you want something that people will use and appreciate. After designing the shirt, the next step is to identify how many units to print and who will receive them.


As you start thinking of potential recipients, you need to prioritise on your list the most loyal customers. You might think that these people are already buying your products and there is no need to advertise to them even further.


They could switch to other options

There will always be competition among companies targeting the same demographic group. You need to ensure that those who are already in your fold will stay there. Of course, you need to focus on the quality of the products that you are selling. However, other companies can also do the same. If you throw in something unexpected, you give your loyal customers no reason to switch sides.


They can convince others

You buy some products because you like them. There are other products though that you love, and you want other people to give them a try too. It does not happen all the time, but it could happen. If you hand out free shirts, you are giving people the reason not only to buy your products but convince others to do the same. They received something for free, and they might feel motivated to say something nice about your brand.


It is a way of saying thank you

It is not easy retaining loyalty among customers. Most of them will try your products for the first time and decide to look for other options the next time. If they stay with you for years, it is a sign of how much they appreciate your products. You are making lots of profit from these people. They also keep your business running during times when you do not have many customers. Giving them free shirts is the least you can do to show your appreciation. Forget about advertising and marketing. Focus on being grateful for their loyalty.


You can inspire others too

If other people who are not yet loyal to your brand see how you reward loyalty, they might also feel encouraged to buy your products. They might have a second look at the current products patronised and realise that they could get a lot more should they decide to jump to your side.


You cannot spend lots of money on promotional merchandise alone. You still have other marketing strategies to consider. So, make sure that the people receiving these items deserve to get them.


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