New Year’s Resolutions for Better Revenue

The past year has certainly had a profound effect on nearly everyone. Revenue may have slipped, cutbacks were made, and clients were lost, but there’s no better time to start fresh than the New Year. Steve Fretzin, President of Sales Results, Inc., says to use this time of the year as an extra motivation to make new goals and new efforts to better your business. From networking to selling to social media, Fretzin offers resolutions to increase revenue in 2010.

1. Attend at least three networking events a month: Networking is absolutely necessary to grow business. Look for events or groups that are relevant to your area of expertise. Meeting like-minded professionals can open the doors to otherwise unexpected new business.

2. Become a better networker: Take steps to practice networking and make sure your efforts are worth your time. Vow to get over any anxiety and take the bull by the horns; introduce yourself to new people and ask them about their profession. Remember to follow up with people you meet and try to make at least 10 lasting connections each month.

3. Become a better listener: Fretzin emphasizes the importance of shutting up and listening in your professional life. When meeting with a potential client, you should be listening 80% of the time and asking questions during the 20% that you are speaking. “You need to learn about the prospect’s weaknesses so you can tailor your approach to fit their needs,” says Fretzin.

4. Change the way you sell: Become a “soft” seller; Fretzin calls his approach “the art of selling without selling.” Rather than practice traditional methods of hard selling, try a different technique. Focus on building relationships and listening. Turn cold prospecting into warm referrals, convincing into asking, closing into qualifying and selling into partnering.

5. Become a LinkedIn pro: Make it your goal to get your LinkedIn profile to 100% in a timely matter. This means completing all background info, getting quality introductions and asking for recommendations. “If you have not had time or the desire to delve into social media, skip Facebook and Twitter and focus on LinkedIn as it offers the most for businesses.”

About the author

Steve Fretzin is President of Sales Results, Inc. Sales Results is an elite provider of sales coaching and business networking all about results. Their clients know that effective coaching is the best investment they can make in their careers, and Sales Results strives to maximize that ROI (return on investment). They work with entrepreneurs, sales teams, and business professionals who aspire to the highest standards and practices of business development in their chosen industries. They offer sales instruction and support as well as networking events and development workshops. Their experienced and supremely dedicated sales coaches lead by example. All boast impressive track records in sales, management and business development and inject a great deal of humanity into the sales coaching process. For more information please visit


Thanks for the great

Thanks for the great reminders Steve.
I really like the point on being a better listener.
I find this so difficult when busting to say something about our product or services. However, holding back really does give the potential lead or customer the opportunity to let you know where they're up to and the right angle to take for a more solid introduction

Thank you for great post,

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