New Year, New Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone!  In 2012 we are going to reflect on what we did in 2011, digest it, and see how we can make it an even better year.  We have spent a lot of time in the past designing products from a performance stand point and have proved we produce some of the best performance products in the industry.  Our throttle bodies and air cleaners are top-of-the-line in performance and we pride our work in them.

Our new product in 2011 was a high flow, high performance throttle-by-wire throttle body that replaced the Harley-Davidson stock unit.  We entered our new product in a “New Product” contest at one of our trade shows, and ended up losing to a simple non-performance accessory item.  What we learned from this was in our industry, it’s not always a performance product everyone is after.  Though we have no award for the product, it is a big hit with our customers and still making great sales.  We are still to this date, the only company to make an upgrade for this version of throttle body.

This year we are going to pay a bit more attention to our line of air cleaner assemblies and aftermarket accessories for our throttle bodies.  We want to come up with a few new designs to stay on top of the latest look for our air cleaner covers.  All the covers will be compatible with the air cleaner assemblies, so switching them out for a different look will be a breeze for customers.  The covers are now being drawn and designed and will soon be in production for the final stages of inspection.  We hope to debut the items at our trade show coming up in February.

We hope you all had a safe and Happy New Year!

About the author

Laura Ray, the owner of Horsepower Inc., is the recipient of the 11th Small Business Grant. Her company, Horsepower Inc., specializes in the manufacturing of aftermarket throttle bodies and related products engineered to provide you more power and performance to complete your EFI build.


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