Office Design Tips to Improve Employee Productivity

When you hire someone, your hope is that they will perform their jobs to the best of their abilities for the betterment of your company. While a careful selection process, a positive workplace culture, and effective management are necessary to build the strongest teams, there is another important factor to consider - their workspace. Contrary to popular belief, when your staff is uncomfortable, their productivity levels will decline.

Think about it. Is it easier to get work done in a cramped space with no organization and uncomfortable furniture? Or would you be more productive in a healthy space that took care of all your immediate needs and provided you with adequate space and tools? Chances are, you’d be more productive in the latter option. When employers take the time to put the needs of their staff first, essentially it motivates them to put their best foot forward on a regular basis. Below are some elements to consider adding to your office to improve employee productivity.

Food and Drinks

Food is the fuel required to help everyone perform their best. As many employees have hectic schedules, getting the daily nutrition they need at home isn’t always possible. From a quick cup of Joe in the morning to get creative juices flowing to a quick snack in the afternoon to tide them over until the end of the day, having food and drinks on site can be beneficial to your staff. You could invest in office vending services so your employees always have snacks on hand. Another option would be to invest in coffee services.

Comfortable Work Stations

When you’re tied to a desk for 8 hours a day it is imperative that you have a comfortable space to work in. Building comfortable workstations for your staff will improve their comfort level, maximize their focus, and improve their productivity. Some things to consider include:

  • Ergonomic Furniture - Believe it or not, office workers are injured and suffer from work-related injuries and associated health problems all the time. From eye strain and back pain to carpal tunnel, diabetes, and heart disease there is a lot that office workers have to look out for. Ergonomic furniture and appliances like a standing desk, ergonomic keyboards, comfortable chairs with ample back support, and more reduce those risks and improve productivity in the workplace.
  • Updated Technology -  If your staff happens to still be using old boxed computers or outdated software, it’s time for a change. Older technology isn’t compatible with new platforms often used to operate a business. Essentially, it slows down work processes making it more difficult to get things done. Updating not only the hardware but the software ensures that your staff has adequate tools to complete their jobs fast and efficiently.
  • Lighting - Access to natural light has been known to improve mood and performance in the workplace. Try setting up workstations close to windows. If there isn’t much natural lighting, invest in cool lighting (not vibrant lights which can be counterproductive) that can be controlled by your staff. Allowing them to dim or turn up the lighting in their own workspace ensures that they’re comfortable throughout the day.

Paint Colors

Are your office walls currently white or grey? Did you know that in the psychology of colors both white and grey have been known to cause depression and sadness? As color often impacts mood, it is recommended that you choose hues of blue or green which help with focus or yellow and orange which are known to spark creativity and boost energy.

The idea of improving productivity amongst your staff is to create a space they want to work in. By reducing the risk of work-related health issues and injuries, and considering their personal needs, you are essentially showing them that they matter to your brand. Acknowledgements of this magnitude solidify employer and employee relationships and ultimately help motivate them to work to their best of their abilities every day.

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