Office Remodeling In Order To Improve Employee Productivity

Small businesses usually start with cheap and practical interiors because, at the start of the journey, every bit of money is needed if they are to make it in this highly competitive world. Fortunately, once business owners start making a profit, they might realize it's time for office remodeling. There are plenty of reasons to pimp up your office, from expanding your workforce to leaving a better impression to your clients. But if you set up your new office optimally, you can actually influence your employees to feel better while at the office, which in turn will increase their productivity significantly. Go through our guide to see how your office remodeling can positively affect your employees, and with that, your business.

Be Flexible About Your Space

Having a workspace that you can quickly adapt and reconfigure to your needs is of the essence today. Most businesses don't know how fast they'll grow in the future, so having options open is practical and can save you money later on. Having a dining area is always a good idea, where your employees will be able to have a lunch break and talk to each other. An emerging trend is to have an entertainment area too, where your workers can put their minds to rest while playing a console, or a game of ping-pong. 

Consulting Your Employees

For example, let's say you're running a game development business. In that particular case, you'll want your Game Design team to be in an open space environment, where they can talk to each other and brainstorm. On the other hand, you'll want your copywriters to have peace and quiet, so closed space might suit them better. Always take into consideration what your employees need, and if needed, consult them not only on remodeling but all the issues they might have - it will do wonders for their morale. The more you do to make your employees fall in love with their jobs, the more productive they'll turn out to be.

The Importance of Light

An uninspiring office is the last thing you want to have, and having a dark office with toned down lights is exactly that - the morale killer. If you have ways to bring the natural lights, great, because sunlight can do great things for your employees. Use window tinting to prevent the sunlight glare on the monitors, and you'll be all set-up. Of course, not everyone will be able to sit next to a window, so it's important to get some proper lighting inside your office, which will serve you especially in the winter when the days are shorter. Go with the bright tones in your office so that the light can diffuse around the rooms.

Choose the Right Colors

There are various researches that point out how different colors can affect people on a psychological level and affect their mood. Here we'll cover some of those colors, which you can use in your office.

  • Red - An energetic and intense color, it affects people to become faster at what they do, but also potentially increases stress levels.
  • Brown - This color is slow, it's mostly associated with laziness, so you'll probably want to skip it.
  • Pink - A calming color, it's great for communal areas and any room where a discussion might spark.
  • Blue - The color of the sky and the sea, it's widely regarded as the most productive color, so consider having at least some in your offices.
  • Green - The color of nature, green is often associated with creativity and positive thinking. Don't overdo it though, as it can look weird.

Whatever colors you choose, always try to combine them so that they make sense together and create a positive atmosphere.

Store the Extra Stuff

One of those things that kill productivity is a cramped office. When you're remodeling, you're at the point where you'll have a unique opportunity to get rid of the stuff you're no longer using. But like we mentioned, you probably won't know at what point you'll be in a few months, let alone next year. So don't just automatically get rid of all the furniture you've been using before, as you might just need it again in the future. Instead, consider moving that stuff to a supercheap storage, where they'll be easily accessible if you ever wish to bring them back.

The Perks of Ergonomic Furniture

This one's dead simple. The more comfortable your employees are while they're working, the more productive they'll be. Unless they're falling asleep, that would mean they're just a tad too comfortable. Jokes aside, ergonomic furniture will not only improve the overall productivity, but also any health issues your workers might have. Standing desks have become a normal thing for workers with back problems, and many offices utilize them today for their many benefits.  Adjustable chairs and desks have also become very popular, due to their customizability. You can even let your employees choose the furniture they'd like, as long as it's within your budget. This will make them feel special and boost their morale even further.


Remodeling your workspace into an inspiring office doesn't have to be expensive, as long as you put enough consideration into it. The more effort you invest into planning it, the better effect it will have on your employees. Always keep in mind that your office is a place where your workers will be spending a third of their total time, so you'll want them to feel as comfortable as possible. And don't be afraid to change things up from time to time, to break out of the routine. In return, you'll have happier workers and they'll be more likely to do their jobs better.


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