Open Office vs. Closed Office ? Which is best for Your Workplace?

The long-lasting argument involving open office versus closed office spaces has got many businesses to think about essential factors while deciding on the type of office fitouts Perth that will suit their office décor and requirements. The way you design your office holds several crucial implications for your business including the cost, culture, design, privacy, and communication. 

When it comes to designing your office, should you go for an open or closed layout? This is a never-ending debate which has a set of pros and cons of both the designs. However, the answer to this question varies from one business to another, and there are many factors to consider when it comes to deciding which is best for you. 

Now, let’s take a closer look into both the layouts. 

Open office fit outs 

Open office layout is an open-plan work environment where there are no enclosed office rooms or office partitions Perth or walled cubicles for employees. It was introduced to cut down the cost of construction. However, now it has become the standard office design for both start-ups and other companies. 


Collaboration: If you want your business to have a social, collaborative, and energetic environment, then open office fit outs are an excellent choice, as they can encourage better communication and teamwork. 

Budget-friendly: It is no doubt that an open office layout is much cheaper and practical compared to a closed office set up. With an open office layout, you can create a lot of space to fit everyone in the company. 


- Lack of privacy 
- Distraction due to noise 
- Unconventional setting 

Closed office fit outs 

A closed office set up is a type of working area where the employees work in their own individual working areas divided by walls or panels. 


Space efficiency: Closed office design offers a larger work area. 

Privacy: Employees can have complete privacy and conduct meetings without any disruptions. 

Concentration: Closed office layout acts as a shield that prevents distractions, noise around the office and leads the way to better performance. 


- Weak communication between the employees 
- Expensive 
- Requires more space 
- Low supervision 

Today’s modern workplaces are getting more inclined towards open space layout. But, it doesn’t mean that closed layout plans are dead, they have a lot of benefits as well. So, when it comes to commercial fitouts Perth, the choice is yours think and choose wisely!


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