Out-of-the-Box Ways for Small Business Marketing

Many small business owners have to do more to make their business stand out to ensure growth. But the marketing strategies they use are similar to what other companies employ. 

Since most small business owners cannot afford a marketing team, it is understandable. Only a few business owners will be brave enough to think outside the box and use unique marketing tools. But if the owner is creative, several marketing opportunities are available.

It is more like being unique and having the ability to try something novel. For example, most store owners will use canvas or cloth awnings to protect their storefront and shoppers from the sun or rain. However, someone creative may use something different, like a multiwall polycarbonate sheet for the awning. The material is more durable and weather-resistant. It can resist impact and provides UV protection, too. 

For out-of-the-box marketing techniques, here are some proven methods.

Inbound marketing

You can utilize inbound marketing instead of buying ads. Inbound marketing is a technique to create content valuable to your customers and potential clients. Injecting real experiences to which customers can relate attracts them to your business. You become an authority or an expert who can empathize with consumers. When you give your consumers what you know, it leads to them becoming more familiar with you, which helps build trust.

Event hosting

You build a better relationship with your current and potential customers while marketing your business or selling products through an event.

If your business is tech-oriented, you can sponsor or host a one-day hackathon (hackfest). You can learn new ideas from attendees. You introduce your brand to potential consumers and attract people who can be future employees (or even investors). Host a webinar if you have valuable things to share. You might know experts who are willing to share their knowledge through workshops.

Use social media platforms creatively

You do not have to be all over the place when you understand your audience and the specific platforms they use. Engage them by hosting contests and giveaways. Give incentives to create a community that will repost or share your content, which can multiply the number of views. Pick the right channel that will allow you to advertise, promote your events, and share your company's lifestyle and values. By building a community on social media, you utilize members to be your brand ambassadors, creating a constant flow of posts.

Look for and share customer feedback

Another out-of-the-box strategy is soliciting customer feedback. Listen to customer feedback because it can give you insights into what they think about your business or brand and what they want to see in the future. If you consider customer feedback, give them answers and information. Then, tweak your business, if necessary, to make your business prosper.

You can find different opportunities to promote your business and market your product. It may take more work when you want to be creative, but it will be worth it. Being unique in your marketing approach is already a scene-stealer, making customers notice you.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/bYJ4I4XafDw


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