Presenting the Idea Cafe Blog

It is with great pleasure that we, the team at Idea Cafe presents to you, the visitors, this new addition to the one of the oldest online small business communities. We hope that this humble web publication platform will prove a useful interaction forum and an informative resource.

Idea Cafe's sixth cash grant for small business owners and start-ups just closed its application phase. Selection now starts. As we want to award the grant to the most innovative and inspiring business idea, we will be presenting the finalists on this blog.



It is great to see Idea Cafe experimenting with blogging and social media.

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Crossing my fingers. I

Crossing my fingers. I applied for the grant. I will be watching this space. :-))) Your site is filled with great resources, by the way. Have been reading lots of good stuff.

I also applied for the grant.

I also applied for the grant. I am very energized by Idea Cafe's professionalism and glad that you are furthering your participatio with technology in the form of blogging and social media. Looking forward to working more with Idea Cafe on many other occasions and many more projects!

I also applied. I look

I also applied. I look forward to seeing this new facet to the contest.


This blog is an exciting new

This blog is an exciting new aspect to the Idea Cafe Grant!
It also gives us a further platform to expand our ideas for our business, and to present our passion for providing dignity and uplifting products -- to senior citizens who are often maligned -- through our business. We are currently in the process of adding three new products to our "Sensational Senior" line, and hope to develop many more in the future if we win the grant.


I also applied for the grant!

I also applied for the grant! I am new to this whole process and it is comforting to know that there is a great community out there for support and ideas. Good luck to all!

I am indeed pleased with the

I am indeed pleased with the whole program at idea cafe and challeged that one day I shall be one of the successful ones in the same programme I am very plesed that you do care for us and that you do need to see achange in our lives in relation to business and seeing us change the lives of others

Bravo, bravo

Also applied and look forward

Also applied and look forward to the contest.

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