Profitable B2B Business Ideas with Minimal Capital Requirements

Looking for a business with high chances of success? There are many options worth trying. In 2020, the following are arguably the most viable business ideas to consider. These are businesses that mainly serve other businesses and don’t require large capital outlay. They are relatively easy to start.

Managed services

 Operating a managed IT services business can be a profitable venture with minimal capital. You need some expertise, though, when it comes to the required hardware, software, and technologies. Also, you need to make sure that you invest in high-quality equipment and internet connection. Managed services are becoming an attractive option for businesses because of the efficiency and reliability they offer. You can’t provide these advantages if you don’t have the right equipment.


Human resource management

 A human resource management business supplies manpower to different companies locally and abroad. It is also known as a recruitment agency. In some cases, this kind of business may also be involved in providing management solutions to companies that prefer to outsource their HR functions. This is a highly viable business idea in places where there are numerous companies and an abundance of employment opportunity seekers. It is not capital intensive and may even be started without a physical office.


Marketing consultancy

 Starting a marketing consultancy business is a good idea for those who have a keen interest in attracting and convincing prospective customers to use products or services. It is suitable for those who have the skills in analysing market conditions and developing appropriate strategies to raise brand awareness and turn prospective customers into customers, and customers into patrons. Marketing consultancies, by the way, are different from advertising agencies. The latter tends to require more capital and resources, as it offers a broader range of services.


Import-export brokering

 As the phrase implies, this business is about facilitating connections between importers and exporters. It is not just about finding companies that are looking for products to buy, though. An import-export broker also needs to be well-versed with customs transactions as well as rules, protocols, requirements, and regulations involving the sale of products to a foreign market.


Freight brokerage

 Another excellent idea worth trying is freight brokering. It is suitable for those who have limited capital and don’t want to be involved with various business licensing concerns and related requirements. Additionally, it is also described by many as a business with unlimited earning potential. A freight broker acts as a middleman between companies that regularly need to send products or raw materials to bulk purchasers, distributors, or resellers. It’s a simple business that is easy to start and operate.


If you have the interest and skills that match the business ideas above, it would be a good call to focus on B2B. Targeting other businesses is not considerably more difficult compared to focusing on traditional customers. There are instances when it is easier and more profitable. Just make sure you are genuinely interested in the business you are pursuing and conduct thorough market research and business planning.




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