Project Managment Software Benefits Any Business

In the old days, business operations were paper-based. Everything was kept in folders and file cabinets. A lot of time and effort was needed in order to access all that information which resulted in lost productivity. Today, smart businesses rely on project management software that keeps all aspects of a project organized and efficient.

What is Project Management Software?

It is a program that facilitates collaboration between individuals working on a particular project. It also helps businesses plan, develops and organize resources. Additionally, budget management, scheduling and important decisions concerning projects are made easier when project management software is used.

There are primarily two forms of project management software. One is cloud-based, like ProfitBoost, which is designed specifically for auto repair shops. Service writers, mechanics, shop owners, and bookkeepers can access the web application from anywhere and any time because the program is web-based. This type of software is ideal for projects and processes requiring more than one person, as it distributes tasks to individuals while simultaneously keeping everyone on the same page.

The second form is desktop based project management software, an application that runs on individual computers. This type of software is primarily used by project managers to oversee work. It is also used by individuals working on a specific part of a project. Unlike cloud-based software, it is not suited for collaboration between employees. Collaboration, if necessary is conducted externally and not from within the program. 

How Project Management Software Helps Businesses

Projects vary immensely but are often complex and require a lot of coordination. The best project management software will offer a number of tools that make performing all the tasks of a project easier.


Scheduling is a key part of any project, and scheduling tools are used to make sure projects are successfully completed before deadlines. Scheduling allows a manager to keep track of the team’s progress. Scheduling work days and hours is also effortless and so is allocating tasks to individual employees. If there is a snag in the project, the problem is immediately identified. The progress of a project can be viewed by Gantt charts, time sheets, calendars and task lists. Emails can alert a manager when tasks have been completed. Scheduling tools also enable a manager to know which resources are allocated and how they are being used.

Project Planning

Planning tools are used in the creation of a project to completion. Regardless of the type of project and whether it’s a marketing campaign or business expansion, planning tools are indispensable. They help to visualize plans so every detail of the project is clear to everyone. This prevents confusion as project managers are aware of specific goals. Planning tools also track the real-time progress of a project. Having access to overview information and the status of a project also leads to greater accountability. This information can be made readily available to owners, managers, and shareholders.

Resource Management

Whether it’s a material or human resource, knowing how resources are used is crucial to successful projects. Many companies lose substantial amounts of money because of inefficiency and waste. Resource management software allows a company to gain control and monitor the way resources are being utilized. From small businesses to large corporations, resource management software will save businesses money.

Document Management

Every project produces a lot of documents, and a document management tool keeps it all organized. The software begins by storing documents and then indexing them. These documents can then be retrieved easily. This great feature also facilitates access across an entire company, because the documents are digitized. Digitizing documents also allows for easier collaboration. Digitizing documents is also a safer practice because hard copies are often lost or destroyed.

Project management software is indispensable for any business that wants to be optimally productive. The right software eases collaboration by making all aspects of a project accessible to everyone working on it. Planning is also simplified and can be presented visually which prevents confusion. Resources are also managed and accounted for and can save a business a lot of money. Project management software makes a lot of sense for any business in any industry.

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