Psychological Triggers: Why Should Customers buy from you?

  • Would you like to sell your products as hot cakes just like Apple sells iPhones?
  • What makes a customer buy from specific brands and ignore the other brands?
  • Why customers buy certain products and ignore other?

What drives human buying decisions?

All human behavior, rooted to avoid pain and gain pleasure. There is a pain in climbing Mount-Everest but then there are people who find pleasure in the process of climbing the mountain.

For firefighters, they find pleasure in running into a burning building and helping people out. For others, this might seem absurd, but to them, it is their medium of pleasure. Likewise, the athletes put themselves in pain, they run across 26.2 miles of misery and associate it with pleasure.

This is the basic trigger which helps humans to make buying decisions. The pain and the pleasure. But, if the pleasure is received without feeling the pain, it is not that valued.

But when buying online, you need to know why customers are buying from you. You need to give pleasure without doing them through the pain.

But to influence the trigger, you first need to understand what customers associate pain and pleasure with. Not everyone loves working 9-5 jobs, not everyone loves climbing mountains, or even saving people from jumping into a burning building.

The A to Z technique

As per Tony Robbins, achievement is one of the most vital triggers for humans. For instance, if you want your customers to fill a form, give them something valuable in return. This means giving a free eBook in return. Or simply a discount if you order right now.

Another example that helps customers move from point A to point B is if you contact a design agency to design your website (point A) to point B that is filling the contact form to get the details of the agency.  

GoDaddy uses urgent discounts which force customers to do impulsive buying just because they want to level up their lives. They want to move from point A to point B.

Explain the benefits, not the features


Most of the eCommerce websites make this mistake of selling products that they think are good for their customers. And in doing so, they give all the discounts and the features of the products.

But one thing that customers notice while taking the buying decision is what are the benefits they are getting when they buy your product?

For instance, gift portals often give same-day delivery options, and the timely delivery option to gain the attention of their customers. Now, this is, other than just sending gifts which all the other websites are already doing.

For instance, you might have seen motivational speaker’s often telling customers what benefits they will get by rolling into certain courses or taking certain training.




This is not a new concept. Brands are using storytelling to connect, share, and establish trust among consumers.

How can it help you? Stories help people relate them to the pains and pleasure they experience in their lives. Stories trigger emotions which makes it even more useful for understanding the psychology of buying decisions.

95% of cognition happens outside of our conscious brain and in our subconscious mind – that is the emotional brain. If you can tell a story that can touch emotions of your customers, you won. You will be able to influence the buying decision with a story that touches them from inside. Make them cry, make them laugh, and make them fall in love with the story you are telling. Your brand is an opportunity to create stories that can relate to customers. Make good use of it.


Inspire Curiosity


In my high-school, I used to buy things just for the sake of having a gift. It is not about the gift, it is about the curiosity that comes with the gift. I am sure, you all have done the same. Buying things for the same of “what is the gift inside?”

This same principle applies to the eCommerce industry. Amazon gives free giveaways on buying certain products, BestBuy gives vouchers for impulsive buying. All the big brands offer some hook that keeps the customers curious about what is about to come.

You can use the same curiosity to help customers make buying decisions. Don’t reveal the whole product. For instance, the magazines offer a free trial for a week which gives them the opportunity to impress customers of what is about to come.

Use that to get customers on your side and influence them to buy from you.


Finally, you will be overwhelmed by the products that are available on the internet. Everyone is offering risk-free products with a money back guarantee but how can you outsmart your competition?

The answer is to understand the psychological triggers that force customers to buy things in the first place. It is often the practice of high-end Digital Marketing Agency to use these psycholo

gical triggers to persuade their potential customers. Sure, it will take time to get to the minds of your customers, but once you know, why the customers are buying what they are buying, you will shine like a star. And oh yeah, you will make some sale too.

In the end, isn't that the ultimate goal?

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