Quotas & Quality: 4 Unique Ways to Drive Productivity in Your Business

Businesses all over find that their employees are less productive than they would like. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can drive up productivity in your business. From offering flexible employee schedule s to increasing office morale, read below to discover a few tips we have on improving productivity at work.

Offer Flexible Schedules

Nothing good comes from restricting employees from having flexible schedules. In fact, it could severely lower both productivity and morale. Letting your workers have flexible working hours can strengthen employee loyalty and influence workers to increase their productivity for the company. According to a study done by IBM in 2010, workers who have more flexibility to work at home have less stress than employees who work in an office setting.

Say Goodbye to Meetings

According to Atlassian, office workers spend nearly 31 hours being unproductive in meetings every month. This is one of the biggest reasons you have to shut down meetings and try implementing something else instead. Unfortunately, they only suck up time, morale, and productivity. However, if you need to talk amongst your team, you should consider communicating through phone, email, or an online meeting, since they can hold more productive results than a physical meeting.

Use the Newest Technologies

You can also boost productivity in your office by taking advantage of new software and technology. To improve your core business processes management, be sure to check out Maximum Computer Systems for the latest ERP software solutions. These are designed to streamline processes and make work easier for every employee. You should also check out the benefits of Infor products to improve productivity even more.

Improve Office Morale

Generally speaking, employees that feel purpose and are happy in the office work better. Workers who feel that their efforts are underappreciated are going to under work and lower office productivity. As a company leader, you should focus on opening up communication in the office and trying to improve the morale of every worker in your office. Additionally, integrating a company culture that bolsters positive worker morale can be a useful tactic to make your workers feel more appreciated. Although this isn’t easy to do, you can work on less micromanaging and assign your workers task that better fit their skillsets.

Managing a business is no easy task, especially when productivity starts dwindling. However, when you play to your employee’s skills and make office life more appealing, you can begin to expect your team to be more productive. Try out these four productivity boosters to improve efficiency in your office.


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