Ranking small business in Google places

Have you claimed a Google places page for your business? Small business owners don't see the importance of Google places page, you need to have a Google places page for your business and ensure that it is ranked high to be visited by many, bring to you new customers and attract more leads to your company. Your business website can serve as a perfect marketing tool for your company when you get to know how to drive targeted traffic to it. Small and successful businesses have used this to further succeed in their ventures.

There are many techniques that will help you get your small business ranked in Google places.
• Set up a business page - First of all open a Google account for your business and set up a business page.
• Give your business the right name - When naming your business make sure that the name you give that business is the keywords that the customers would use to search for your services. When you name your business with the keywords that the customers will use to for that kind of business you will rank on top and acquire top positions in Google places. If for instance your business is called MacDonald soaps and you offer training on how to make soaps at a town known as Nairobi, name that business as Nairobi MacDonald soaps.
• Open your business closer to a city center
• Give clear phone number to be contacted to by your customers and the right address for your company. Ensure that you have given a local phone number and it is shown in your website in a format that Google spider can see.
• Leave a place for reviews. Reviews are a proof of trust to your business. Encourage your customers and suppliers to leave reviews and as well as to secure agreement reviews from businesses within your industry. When your organic and local listings are combined the sum of reviews you have are shown.
• Build links - It is very important to build more links back to your business. Build links of SEO that points back to your website and local links that contains your company name, phone number, company address and also URL of the business. Availability of links will increase traffic to your website and bring more customers.

In this century finding theaters, software, best places to travel and all other things is very simple just go to internet and type in what you want and you will gather all the information. With these techniques your will get your small business ranked in Google places and make good sales for your business.

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Lucy is a professional social media marketer with expertise in facebook, a blogger and article writer based in Nairobi, Kenya.


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