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There are many event management companies that do events especially for real estate business. These companies include are Bisnow, Event brite, Houston reality events and IREM Houston. Most of these companies are based in US and mainly in Houston. Thus, the Real estate events in Houston have become kind of benchmark for the other real estate events for their pure magnificence and cause for which they are organized. Event management companies in Houston are well-known for their professionalism and fetching power.

In order to become great agents, they need great real estate lead software. In order to become top most producers, agents need the best real estate software. Thus, whether you are running a top producing team or just beginning, having the best real estate lead software at your disposal will put you way ahead of other agents.

So, is 2018 the year in which the real estate industry got its disorderly tools and apps in shape?


Some of the lead generating, and innovative real estate software for 2018: 

1. kvCORE (Lead Generation, CRM) 

This is one of the initial agents in all-in-one real estate lead generation and CRM platforms, it is finally ready for a close up. The focus for 2018 lead generation include, a robust CRM with AI features like behavioural lead response, text messaging, and even an auto dialer.


2. Structurely (AI Chatbots, Lead Qualifying)

AI chatbots has been threatening to “disrupt” real estate lead nurturing for a long time now. The only difficulty is that the vast majority of solutions on offer were not quite ready for prime time. They were clunky, slow, or too automated to be useful.

It also talks to a lot of your favourite lead gen/CRM platforms like Real Geeks, BoomTown, Kunversion, Placester and more.


3. Contactually (Relationship Focused CRM)

Contactually helps you to automate and manage the most valuable asset as a Realtor. Your relationships. While many CRM’s get you label for leads and send out drip campaigns, Contactually steps further and offers complex automation and lead nurturing features to help you further build and maintain relationships. Contactually is one of the best platforms for Realtors who are serious about automating their relationship marketing and reaching the right lead, with the right message, at the right time.


4. Cloud MLX 

The Cloud MLX app sits right on topmost of your mls and gives you Google to access that data faster, stress-free, and at your ease. W+R CEO Greg Robertson in a recent chat stated that, Cloud MLX secures all the three with the success mantra that helps them make such innovative software: Make it simple, elegant, easy to use. It is also designed to work effortlessly with the other apps in their Cloud Agent Suite; Cloud CMA, Cloud Attract, and Cloud Streams.


5. Buffer (Social Media Scheduling Tool) 


Buffer lets you figure out what time and content type your leads on each platform respond to. It helps you create a posting calendar loaded with content. Once you have your calendar ready to go, you can sit back and let the likes, pins, and retweets comes rolling in a systematic manner.


However, during these events engaging with people worldwide, one not only co-operates with other estate agents, one also gets to learn about vendors who are necessary to any business. Thus, the most important thing that takes place during the events is that one gets to engage a lot with one’s own team, which is very challenging in the usual working hours. The kind of companionship that develops in these events and during the informal gatherings are worth the effort.

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