The Reasons Why Communication Management is So Important

The digital age has really changed the way in which we communicate, and this is not just true in our personal lives; businesses are also increasingly using digital means of communication.  Because of this, masters in communications degrees are becoming more important, especially for those businesses who want to connect directly with customers and staff members successfully.

Talking about staff members, did you know that around 24% of staff members now telecommute?  This has only been made possible thanks to the internet, but it is something that benefits both employer and employee.  However, while this can be beneficial, it is not uncommon for employees to feel socially isolated and miscommunication also seems to increase.  Someone with an online masters in communication management should be able to alleviate these problems and increase the chance of telecommuting success.

To find out more about the importance of communication management, check out the infographic below.

This infographic was created by the University of Southern California.


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