Restaurant Startup Equipment and Supplies Checklist

If you’ve decided to start a restaurant, one of the most important things you need to do is set up your kitchen the right way. It’s the center of your new business and the place where all the dishes you prepare come to life. Therefore, it’s very important to get all the high-quality equipment and supplies for your kitchen. In order to help you, we came up with an equipment and supplies checklist for your project.


If you plan to prepare food over an open plan, you simply need to have ranges in your restaurant’s kitchen. Just like most residential ranges, commercial ones can be either gas or electric. Electric ranges are always a good option, mostly because of their smooth and easy-to-clean design. On the other hand, if having visual and responsive cooking experience is an important factor to you, purchasing gas ranges is recommended. It’s always a good idea to opt for ranges that fit all of your cooking and aesthetic needs.

Freezers and refrigerators

Every kitchen needs both a freezer and refrigerator, especially the ones in restaurants. Of course, these are the units you’ll be using to preserve freshness and keep food cool before you serve it. The type of freezers and refrigerators you should go for mostly depends on the size of your operations. If you’re starting small, traditional reach-in units are something you can never go wrong with. On the other hand, if you’re starting a large restaurant, you can think about getting walk-in units for your kitchen.


Another vital part of every kitchen is a sink. No kitchen can be run without running water and finding enough space for a large sink in your kitchen is recommended. Again, depending on the size of your operations, you should decide whether a single sink is enough or you should install a few of these in your restaurant’s kitchen. Installing a triple-sink wash station is always a good idea and in some regions doing this is required by local health authorities.


One of the things your staff will need to do is make sure that all of your kitchen supplies are shining. While doing the dishes in the sink can do the trick, installing dishwashers can save you hours and hours of labor. Depending on how you choose to design your kitchen, you should be able to choose between built-in, countertop and portable dishwashers. No matter which of these you decide to go for, making sure you get a high-quality unit is a must. This is why you should go for renowned brands such as Maytag.


No matter what kind of dishes you’ll be preparing, there are all kinds of different supplies you’ll need to use. While getting these is an absolute must, it’s also important that you have enough storage to keep all of thee in your kitchen. This is why you need to get enough shelving options and fit them in your kitchen. The reason why shelving is so important for restaurant kitchens is that they help you keep things in order, which helps streamline your kitchen operations.


Food in every restaurant needs to be prepared with speed and precision. This is why investing in quality slicers is a good idea. You can use these to slice anything from vegetables to meat. In case you prepare large amounts of food on a daily basis, getting electric slicers might be a smart move. Obviously, these are automatic and can save you both time and labor. However, most of these also allow you to operate the machine yourself.


Another important purchase for almost every restaurant out there is mixers. These little things are used for baking and bread making. If you plan to offer dishes like pizza or bagels, getting spiral mixers is mandatory. If you need these for any other type of mixing, getting planetary mixers is recommended. The latter operate at lower speeds but they also allow you to make things like whipped cream.

There you have it – all the equipment and supplies you need in order to launch a successful startup restaurant. Keep working on improving your menu and service, and there will be nothing stopping you from taking your restaurant to another level.


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