Run a Nonprofit? 4 Strategies for Maximizing Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser

For those who run a non-profit, you're familiar with how important peer-to-peer fundraising is. For many, it may very well be the deciding factor as to how effective the non-profit can be for that year. With that number in mind, here are four methods you can utilize to help reach that quote. 

Select a Great Platform
There are numerous platforms available for fundraisers. Some have turned to strictly online platforms that allow donators to donate whenever they can. Others still prefer to hold rallies and physical locations where their fundraiser can invite people and shower them with food and make a personal connection. Both are excellent platforms if used properly. In fact, it isn't a bad idea to have an online platform and a physical one from time-to-time to help keep your non-profit in the mind and eye of its donors. 

Share a Compelling Story
People aren't going to donate if they don't feel a reason to. While some people are naturally generous and charitable, others require a connection. You can give them that connection by putting together a compelling and touching story. This story can make the prospective donors feel empathy for those you are trying to aid. By making them feel better about themselves in helping, you can increase the donations for your non-profit. 

Empower Your Supporters 
To keep donors coming back every year, you need to make them feel empowered and connected throughout the year. You can do this by giving them a social media outlet to speak out on or take part in. Regular emails can be sent to them to bring them up to date on what their money has been doing—the change it has been doing already. It’s also a great idea to share with them email and social media template, which they can then use to reach out to other potential donors. By making your supporters feel empowered and a part of the process, they'll be more inclined to donate with each coming year. 

Rely on Gift-Matching Programs 
Many companies prefer to do a gift-matching program. This can be an incredible opportunity for you to saturate your program with donations. By finding those companies who tend to do gift-matching programs, you can link up with them and everyone can benefit from the mutual charity. 

A peer-to-peer fundraiser can be both thrilling and overwhelming. If you do it right, it can be richly rewarding. Also, because of how important it is to make your fundraiser successful, you need all of the help you can get. By utilizing accounting services, you can derive a financial plan of just how much you need to be able to raise a given event in order to keep the non-profit afloat.


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