Running Successful Facebook Ads

What comes to mind when you think about social media marketing? Facebook ads tend to stick out to many businesses because many have had good successes when advertising on the platform. Many social media marketing agencies in the UAE and around the world make use of Facebook’s advertising features to generate new leads and create brand awareness.

Facebook ads are easy to track and you’re able to set your own budgets, making them completely optimizable. You have control over your ads but to be able to run successful ads, you need a plan. You need to be aware of the ins and outs of Facebook’s ad manager, as well as having the knowledge of what it takes to run successful campaigns.  


  1. Set your goals


The first thing you need to do in order to run a successful Facebook Ad from start to finish is to identify your goals. What’s the outcome you’re expecting out of your ads? Are you looking for more leads? Sales? Engagement? Identify your goal and base your ad around your marketing objectives so that you’re not just creating an ad for the sake of running an ad.


When setting up ads on Facebook, the platform allows you to choose from various marketing objectives that help facilitate your end goal.


  1. Choose the right audience


Facebook allows you to target your ads based on age, gender, location, interests and many more! You can tailor your audience based on your brand and target specific people.


For example, if you run a sports equipment store, you want to target Facebook users who have shown similar interests, rather than adding users who like coffee or food, or interests that have no relation to your industry. Use this feature to target fans of your competitors. Targeting users based on interests allows for an increase in your own followers and buyers.


  1. Use eye-catching media


The media, images or videos, that you use in your Facebook ads is one of the keys to success. If you have a poorly designed image, users won’t feel inclined to interact with your ad. Use colors that stand out, short and catchy pieces of text and try to have an emotional aspect to your ad. Users engage with ads that make an impact on their social media usage!


Your ad copy needs to be engaging as well. Grab the users’ attention with a great hook that will generate interest in your ad. If they see an ad that doesn’t spark their interest, they will stop reading and scroll away. Remember to include a call to action within your copy!


  1. Don’t be too pushy


The goal of your Facebook ad is to persuade users to click on your ad without you forcing them to do so. Most people don’t usually like being told what to do, so it’s your duty to create an ad that isn’t too pushy or forceful.


  1. Make use of A/B split testing


A/B split testing is when you run different variations of the same ad in order to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. It will help you single out effective elements of your ads, which you can use to combine into one, successful and impactful ad. Start by testing out your media (images, video) and copy. Once a good amount of people have seen the different ads, you can start to analyze and find out which ad worked the best for you.


  1. Use simple language


Tying into making use of a good copy, it’s vital that you keep it as simple as possible. Your Facebook ad copy needs to be easy to understand and provide the necessary information to users on what they need to know about your business and what you’re offering. Your ad needs to be able to depict how your product benefits users and how they can proceed with buying the product.


  1. Install tracking pixels


A pixel is a piece of code that you embed onto your website that allows you to track conversions and lead. By integrating a tracking pixel onto Facebook ads, you can track how users are interacting with your ads and your website. You’ll be able to see which ads users are clicking on, which will help you determine which ads give you results. You will also be able to track mobile and desktop viewers and be able to figure out where your ad works better - if mobile users aren’t clicking on your ads, maybe it’s time for a design change!


  1. Refrain from drastic changes


Once your campaign is up and running, try not to adjust your budget too drastically. If your ad is performing well, you can increase your budget by around 30% but try not to go overboard. Facebook’s algorithm may not be able to handle dramatic changes to your budget. To avoid delivery issues, make sure to wait at least 3 days before making further changes to your ad!


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