Six Great Marketing Techniques for Innovative Startups

The hardest challenge startups face is getting their name out there. While it isn't necessarily easy to build a quality product and business infrastructure, the old adage "if you build it, they will come" doesn't always hold true. That's why startups need innovative ways to market their business to generate customers or users.


An often overlooked branding effort for startups is partnerships. Teaming up with local community leaders and businesses to offer your product or service for free in exchange for a positive review or endorsement not only helps boost your brand's image, it also cross-pollinates brands between each other's customer base. Innovative startups can try and partner with local musicians or community events to increase exposure quickly.


The best and sometimes fastest way to increase a startup's exposure is by crafting a strong web presence. This is done through search engine optimization that optimizes a website's metadata and through content marketing that helps users who are in the market for your product find you at the top of search engine results with relevant information. While SEO practices run deep, it all usually boils down to creating quality, organized content for your website on a regular basis.

Referral Programs

Referral programs work in two positive ways. First, by giving an incentive to existing customers to refer their friends or family members to your product, you can create a stronger relationship with that customer. Additionally, if the person being referred becomes a new customer, their initial relationship with the brand is going to be stronger because of the friendly referral.

Branded Content

Knowing that trust helps drive sales in the long term, startups should focus on building branded content early on to show their dedication to impartial information for their customers. Brochures or articles with honest strategies or tips for your industry that take the focus away from your brand and instead place it on the content are an excellent way to build trust in your brand.

Trade Shows

For a low entrance and space rental fee, trade shows allow startups to get to know other players in their industry and network with the people who can help them move forward. A specialist from Truss Kits recommends that startups use trade shows as an opportunity to establish their image while displaying their products and services. A professional booth and presentation will not only accomplish this, it will get visitors to come and say hello and encourage them to get back in touch with you when the trade show is over.

Customer Service

Even with a product that's destined to change an industry entirely, great customer service is paramount to success. Don't forget to allocate the necessary funds to ensure that your customer service team is always available to help a new or existing customer.


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