Small Business Efficiency and How Internet Speed Affects Productivity

Small businesses need to put their all into company efforts and interactions with customers. One small glitch could mean failure for a particular day. What are the ways that a slow Internet speed can cause problems in the office?

Taking in Orders

If your Internet is not functioning properly, you are going to have trouble gathering your orders for the day. In fact, you might not be able to access them at all. As a result, customers' orders would be delayed. For example, you might offer two-day shipping on your site. However, if you cannot access your information, that might get delayed until the third day.

Making a Bad Impression

Sitting in front of clients and having to tell them the Internet isn't working is embarrassing. You want your customers to think of you as professionals in the field and of your office as a space where their needs can be met. However, when a slow Internet connection greatly extends the duration of appointments and visits, their impressions might start to shift.

Accessing Your Company Information

Perhaps you have a lot of your company information stored on a cloud computing device such as NexZeta. Failure to access your information could mean that the work day is rendered virtually useless. Without certain information, you cannot possibly hope to continue with normal operations. Unless other tasks could be addressed, the start of the work day would be dependent on your Internet connection.

Communicating with Customers, Clients and Business Partners

Email is probably a major form of communication for your small business, and you aim to return messages in a short period of time. When the Internet is not properly functioning, you might have trouble accessing your email at all. If these problems happen on a regular basis, others might start to view you as an unreliable source of information.

Conversations via Video Chat

Although small businesses are often not engaging in conversations with people overseas, similar situations could happen as your company continues expanding. When you are scheduled to have a chat with a client or business associate online, a slow connection can completely destroy that experience. Even if you are able to connect, the conversation will likely be too casual and clunky to make for an appropriate business setting.

If you are currently facing problems with a slow Internet connection, you really must have these issues diagnosed as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could lose out on a lot of important business transactions.


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