Successful Christmas Sales Campaigns

What was your big idea to boost sales this holiday season? Most business owners agree that the Christmas season is an important time to increase sales and profits and hopefully draw in new customers for the New Year. Of course with every business out there offering a sale or unique product pitch, the competition can be tough. However, by following a few steps and taking the lead from previous successful campaigns, this holiday season can be a profitable one for your business.

1. Make Ads Memorable

Of course this rule applies all year long, but it is especially important during the Holiday season when shoppers are swamped with more ads than usual. When creating an ad, make sure that it is unique to your brand and couldn’t be swapped out with any other product. Also, it should connect with that ultimate goal shoppers have of creating that magical Christmas moment when their loved one opens the gift. For inspiration, see these timeless ads from Marketing Week.

2. Cater to Types of Shoppers

Christmas shopping tends to produce different kinds of shoppers, and catering to the desires of those shoppers can give you bigger results with your campaign.

Early-bird shoppers tend to get their Christmas shopping done well before Black Friday. These shoppers detest crowds and are the planning, think-ahead type. This means, that while they are giving up the big deals of Black Friday, they will still be looking for the best bargain, so be sure to start offering Christmas deals well before the traditional shopping season starts. Some deals to consider offering this group include a time-sensitive discount or an exclusive event with early access to new products.

Prime-time buyers are arguably the most fought-over consumer. These shoppers look to get all their shopping done between the end of November and mid-December. Promotions to entice this group include short-term offers that change often during the time period, online deals on Cyber Monday and providing gift ideas for everyone that is on a typical Christmas list.

Last-minute shoppers are under pressure to find a great gift that will still arrive by Christmas, so cater your sales the last few days to this group. The marketing campaign for this group should focus on how much time remains until Christmas, the last date they can still order and have a shipment arrive on time and make the purchase easy. Providing easy access through mobile apps and online vouchers will streamline the process for last-minute buyers and make them more likely to purchase from you.

3. Continue Past Christmas

Many shoppers wait until after Christmas to stock up on things they need because they want to take advantage of end-of-the-year savings. Make sure to continue your marketing plan past Christmas to attract these buyers as well as those looking to exchange gifts.

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Christina Sanders writes for several blogs nationwide. For more information about successful sales campaigns, visit Inside Sales.


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