GM and FaceBook: A Lesson in Marketing

Recently, Facebook has been making news.  No, it's not regarding the IPO (directly).  It's not about Zuckerberg's choice in garb.  It has to do with the General Motors and Facebook breakup.  It's a real-to-life and educative lesson for business owners:  online marketing is not black and white; make your campaign unique to your brand and respective consumers.

Facebook Has New Application Called EnemyGraph

Facebook has just added new application called EnemyGraph in their library last week. This Application will allow you to add enemies to your profile now. Facebook is well known for making friend lists in the profile but now with this application you can add your enemies to your Facebook Profile too. EnemyGraph is a new application, which is available for free to all Facebook users, which lets user add enemies to Facebook profile, which includes real victims from your friends list, or from other users of the application.

Facebook to Roll Out A New Profile Page

Facebook is continuing to grow in leaps and bounds and keeping this social networking giant interesting and fresh is one of its priorities.  On December 5, it was announced that FaceBook will now offer a spruced up new profile page giving users a cleaner interface and offering a better way for users to present themselves to this digital community.  Here are just a few key points regarding the new profile which is now available to all u

Thinking About Facebook Ads? Some Information to Know

While many are already using Google's pay per click product AdWords, Facebook.com also offers a way to reach out to current and potential fans in order to grow your brand and sell your products or services.  Facebook has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and today shows real promise in helping businesses and organizations reach vast amounts of online users.  Whether you are already using Facebook Ads or are interested in this powerful tool, here are some tips on how to maximize this endeavor.

Things to Know About Facebook Marketing

Five Crucial Things You Must Do To Build Your Business With Social Networking

The age of social networking is more than upon us-it is becoming INGRAINED in us. Many of us are so addicted that we can hardly get out of bed before we begin checking to see status updates on Facebook and Twitter. Reconnecting with old friends and staying in touch with current ones are great reasons to use social networks-but what about using them to market your business?

The fact is, those same networks that you are using to share pictures and reminisce about old times can be great sources of income for your business. In addition, there are plenty of social networks out there that are made specifically for doing just that.

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