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Presenting the Entrepreneurial Spirit 2009 Grant Finalists, Part II

In this second part of the brief finalist introduction, we present you the other 25 finalist for the Seventh Idea Cafe Grant (a.k.a. The Entrepreneurial Spirit 2009 Grant). We have sent questions to all finalists, asking them to provide more information about themselves. Look for their Q&As here, on the Idea Cafe Blog. Pick your favorite business idea, and vote--your votes will determine the winner.

Idea Cafe Regulars are welcome to ask questions in the comment section of the respective finalist Q&A, once the Q&As start appearing on our blog.

Presenting the Entrepreneurial Spirit 2009 Grant Finalists, Part I

In a two-part feature, we will present the business ideas that made it to the final phase of the Idea Cafe grant. Read below, be inspired. You can vote for your favorite finalist (free registration is required).

About the upcoming presentations of finalists

We sent a short list of questions to the grant finalists, and answers are already being sent back in. In an effort to make the grant campaign a more interesting and visible contest, and to make sure Idea Cafe regulars make an informed decision when voting for the grant winner opens next week, finalists will answer several questions about themselves and their business, in addition to the information they've provided here.

The team here is currently assembling the voting page, and we are preparing for a tight publication schedule with a new batch of presentations published every workday. With regard to the voting page, yes, we are several days bit behind schedule, but, well, please have a little more patience.

If you are a finalist and you did not receive your list of question, please contact us at [email protected] .

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