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One Month into the New Year - How is it going for you? What are you doing differently?

We are into the second month of a new year, how is it going? Are those new year’s resolutions just a faded memory? Are you still doing the same things you did last year. Have you even taken a closer look at what you did last year? We can all admit that it’s been a pretty rough ride for most business owners, regardless of the size of your business, big or small.

Monthly update from Go Green Go: Challenges, Goals, Accomplishments!

What are the challenges, goals and accomplishments that a new business like Go Green Go faces? Sometimes the challenges, goals and accomplishments are all the same thing! Example - Decision Making! Last month I wrote about the decision making process that I went through while developing the company. The longer that I continue to develop the company, I realize that decision making will always be a part of the process. The challenge is to make decisions, the goal is to make decisions and the accomplishment is that decisions were made. Then we start all over again with a new set of circumstances. I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know! One of the decisions that I committed to early on in the development of the company was that this was going to be a “Grassroots” type of company.

Go Green Go is Going …….and Wants to hear from YOU!

Since the birth of Go Green Go” – one of the greatest challenges has been the process of making decisions. This process can be painfully slow and full of uncertainty, particularly if you are a one man show.

The Development and Sharing of the Idea with Friends

It all starts when a little voice in your head says “Hey, have you ever thought of doing _______?” (You get to fill in the blank.) You keep thinking about the idea, rolling it around and around in your brain. The little thought grows and evolves until you can actually put words to the idea and intelligently describe the vision to others. The next step is to tell a few people about your idea, usually the first victims are your close friends. This is a very scary step, because you are putting “IT” out there. You’re putting your brainchild on the line, along with your ego, and waiting to see their reaction. Do they think your idea has value or do they try to keep the laughter at bay?

What’s new with Go Green Go?

What a month October has been. Sailing in the Caribbean for 12 days. Oh wait, you don’t want to hear about the vacation, you want to know what’s been happening with Go Green Go”. Actually, if you do want to hear about sailing in the BVI’s – just send me an email ( [email protected] ) and I will be happy to talk about sailing and give you some great places to visit.

The “Why” behind Go Green Go

If you read last month's update you know “HOW” Go Green Go came into existence. If you are new to Idea Café or have just stumbled upon this blog – you need to go back and read the “Evolution of Go Green Go. It’s a spellbinding and thrilling account of how Go Green Go came into being…….Ok, so I tend to exaggerate just a little.

So, without any further delay – on to the next riveting chapter in the Evolution of Go Green Go – the “WHY” behind the “HOW” of the company. On the surface, one would tend to answer the question of “Why?” with “That’s a no-brainer –to make money.” Not so fast. While that may be the main purpose of most companies, it was not the defining motive to start Go Green Go.

Let’s See What’s Happening with the “Little Green Guy”

It’s been a month since Go Green Go has won the 2009 Idea Café Grant – let’s see what’s happening with the “little green guy”. Our goals were to update the website and put “the little green guy” on a T-shirt design and get ready to launch the first in the series of our eco-friendly activities.

I’m happy to report that great strides were made on the web site. We have a community page that details the ultimate purpose of the company and the organizations that we are partnering with to accomplish these goals. As I worked on the site, I realize that this will be an ongoing project as the company continues to evolve. (There is also a sneak preview of the first design).

The Evolution of a Business - Go Green Go

I would like you to know what Go Green Go is all about, our mission and what makes us tick. But before you can understand what we are all about, I would like you to know where we came from and how we got here (Where ever “Here” is).

GoGreenGo -- Putting the Idea Cafe grant win to work!

Editor Note: As a rule, all Idea Cafe grant winners provide monthly reports on how their business is doing since receiving Idea Cafe's Grant. Here is the first update from Susan Jenkins, owner of GoGreenGo, where she passes on her business wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit, and shares thoughts on how to use the grant money most effectively to take her business to the next level.

Go Green Go is the Winner of the Idea Cafe’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Grant

Go Green Go, a T-shirt business that promotes eco-friendly activities, is the winner of Idea Café’s Entrepreneurial Spirit 2009 Small Business Grant. With its original concept of promoting eco-awareness and social responsibility, Go Green Go has instantly grabbed the hearts of our regulars and stood out amongst hundreds of other nominated small business ideas. Congratulation! We wish you luck in all your future initiatives!

Finalist Q&A: Go Green Go

Go Green Go creates T-shirts that promote eco-friendly activities, such as walking, hiking, biking, sailing, etc. The logo is a "little green guy" carrying the earth. Their tag line is "Saving the Earth One Shirt at a Time". These T-shirts are a walking billboard--not only do they raise the awareness of the need to preserve the environment but they also promote eco-friendly activities.

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