Google Introduces its New Social Network - The Google+ Project

Google Announces its new social network after years of development and months of rumor.  For many Google watchers, The Google+ Project is finally a reality.  I recently wrote about Google's- +1 button a few months ago - a button similar to Facebook's Like button where one can recommend a piece of content or web page to others in their group.  During the time that this button was released, it was quite evident that Google had something big in the works.  Wh

Google Strikes Back Against Black Hat SEO

Many people in the SEO/SEM community are talking about the recent article in the New York Times titled: "The Dirty Little Secrets of Search".

A quick synopsis of the article is that J.C. Penney hired an SEO company to help it rank as high as possible. The SEO company (unknown to J.C. Penney according to the company) implemented a wide range of black hat techniques including placing possibly tens of thousands of backlinks all across the internet in an attempt to game Google's algorithm. However, after Google finding out that J.C. Penney was ranking so high for so many top keywords, Google has been forced to reprimand J.C. Penney releasing a statement against the company and ensuring that none of the black hat SEO tricks influence the results. Since the discovery, J.C. Penney has dropped precipitously in the rankings for many of its keywords and effectively disappeared for many others. It should also be noted that there is a possible side story (a controversy) that since J.C. Penney is one of Google's largest advertisers, it is, of course, possible that Google may have looked the other way until it couldn't look away any longer.

Ad Preview Tool Announced from Google

Google understands that what drives its business is advertising. For years they have worked diligently to do all they can so that businesses may get a return on their investment when they use their AdWords service. AdWords, as SEO/SEM professionals already know, focuses on keywords. So it's no wonder that Google has continually added improvements to AdWords making it not only easier to use, but more effective.

Grow Your Local Business with Google Boost

When it comes to advertising on the web, you'll be hard pressed to find a service better for the average web business than Google's PayPerClick AdWords. Google has revolutionized the way web users and web sites connect - making it not only relatively affordable for just about any business on the web to attract views (impressions), but also level the playing field against huge corporations in many ways.

To Rank Well in Google - Follow Google's Guidelines & Utilize Its Resources

When it comes to search engine optimization and search engine marketing, Google is definitely the site most professionals are trying to attract attention from.  With the vast majority of the population using Google's search engine and vast array of other services to find information, research products & services and ultimately make purchases, there is no doubt that Google absolutely has a big say on whether a business or site succeeds on the w

Google Makes Our Small Business World Go Round

Some people are Mac/Apple fans. Some people are Windows. I like the great, all powerful Google. Yes, it is possible they have a big brother ruling over all that is internet, but hey, they’re making my life as a small business owner much more simpler.

Perhaps some of you merely use Google as a search engine, perhaps some of you use Google’s e-mail service (gmail), and maybe some of you are die-hard Google users and abusers such as myself (as we flash our nerdy Google fan hand sign here). If you are, you probably don’t need to read any further.

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