innovation and originality grant

Finalist Q&A: Remote News Service

Lesley Lotto is a veteran radio broadcaster who saw a need in small to medium sized markets for quality news (not rip and read), provided by broadcast journalists with college degrees! Her company provides news and host music and/or talk programming at dramatically reduced rates.

Finalist Q&A: padma media and marketing

padma media and marketing creates strategic marketing and communications initiatives that target ethnic consumers, including bilingual and bicultural Hispanics and South Asians.

Finalist Q&A: elixer coffee solutions

elixer coffee provides the community with a unique platform and destination to get the finest coffee and italian based beverages. They operate a retrofitted 1952 Studebaker truck with a fully equipped espresso bar on the back. It is a classic marriage of Americana with the outdoor cafe feel of Europe. They say they are strongly committed to sustainable practices throughout our business and educating consumers of better choices.


Finalist Q&A: CTC Innovations

CTC Innovations creates and sells products that help busy families and people. They have created a product called My Healthy Eating Chart for use by adults or to help adults teach children how to eat a balanced diet based on the USDA Food Pyramid Guidelines.


Finalist Q&A: Heron Aerospace

Heron Aerospace is a company that offers aerial and technical imaging and analysis, technical consulting, and educational services. Their finalist profile is available here.


Finalist Q&A: Solar Cooking at Cantinawest

This Idea Cafe grant finalist promotes and educates how people can harness the energy of the sun for a fun and life changing experience by cooking their every day food using solar cookers.


Finalist Q&A: Anonymous Ink

Anonymous Ink provides quality content to other businesses by providing opportunities for women (and an occasional man) who enjoy writing, and connecting writers with business owners who have needs for quality content to stay ahead of their competitors.

Finalist Q&A: Rain Frog Apparel

Rain Frog Apparel is a maker of high-end, organic bamboo clothing for women and children. Rain Frog Apparel not only makes environment-friendly clothing, but also tries to create a positive environmental consciousness throughout society. To accomplish this goal, the company's founder maintains a blog promoting environmental awareness and is working on a book to do the same.


Finalist Q&A: PALS with PAWZ

PALS with Pawz trains rescued and donated dogs to assist people with disabilities. From their website: Our goal is to Create a Loving Relationship Between the Rescued or Donated Dog and their Disabled Partner; resulting in the enhancement of their physical and emotional freedoms, sense of security, independence and the enrichment of their quality of life."

Finalist Q&A: Charmed Life Products LLC

The second Q&A presents a small company, which is markedly different from the first. This Idea Cafe finalist produces an original grilling accessory that they say is revolutionizing the American cook-out.

We talk to Leslie Haywood, Founder and President of Charmed Life Products LLC.

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