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6 Worthy Online Marketing Tools That Will Cost

In order to be successful as an online marketer, you must invest in quality marketing tools that will make you more efficient at your job. Part of your job probably consists of some very repetitive tasks. What if you had a tool at the ready that could complete the tasks you're used to doing by hand, completely automatically? It would make your life a lot easier, right? That's what marketing tools are designed for and if you have an online marketing company, then you'll find the 6 tools below to be worth every penny.

One of the Best Free Online Tools Available

There are many free online tools available for internet marketers but none is more useful than google website analytics! Marketing your business on the internet is all about testing and tweaking what works and what doesn't and nothing helps you do this more effectively than the google website analytics tool! What's that, you're not using this tool yet? Well here are 3 reasons why you should!

How To Make The Most Of Your Small Business Online Marketing Activities

Internet stands out for its speed and effectiveness. As online marketers we have to synchronize with this speed and deliver effective marketing content in the least amount of time and gain maximum mileage. Of course, we should run on a long-term-plan track, but sometimes quickness is needed to achieve business growth spurts. Let's take a look at how this can be done effectively.


Having a detailed plan

Indispensable SEO Tools

One of the questions that I get asked at least every couple of months is what kind of basic tools do you use for SEO?  The truth of the matter is that while I might use a specific tool to research keywords or a tool to watch traffic closely, I find that there are a few tools available, all of which are free and indispensable - and help me with my day to day projects.  Whether you are looking at your competition, tracking your page rank, or l

7 Ways Landing Pages Increase Online Marketing Success

Want a foolproof way to increase your email and search engine marketing success? You may not realize it yet, but the answer isn't necessarily in the subject line or the ad copy - it's in your campaigns' landing pages.

When it comes to increasing conversions, landing pages are a formidable yet sometimes overlooked tool in a marketer's arsenal, so if you've been putting your landing pages on the back burner you aren't getting the full return for your online marketing investment.

Retargeting: A Simple Strategy for Marketing Success

Small business owners looking to get the biggest bang for their online marketing buck should study up on a powerful, emerging trend: Retargeting.

In short, this is a simple concept that's allowing entrepreneurs to extend their reach -- and their brand -- far across the web. Retargeting essentially allows you to track visitors to your website after they leave and to strategically place ads on websites they visit. It's an incredible tool that can help you reach consumers who don't convert on their initial visit to your online storefront.

Tough times call for tight measures

The global recession may be coming to an end, but it’s not time to crank open the bubbly quite yet; unless, of course, it’s a bottle of Walmart’s cheap sparkling wine.

You see, if anything is to be gleamed from the past twelve months, it’s that we shouldn’t take anything for granted. Whilst things may be rosy one day, they might not be tomorrow; so by being thrifty when times are good, this will help take care of things when times are tough.

Choosing the Best Marketing Tools For Your Small or Local Business

Online marketing...Email marketing...Blogs...Search engine optimization (or SEO)...Google Adwords...Yellowpages...LinkedIn...Facebook...MySpace...

Do any of these words cause you heartburn? Today, we are fortunate to have so many marketing options, but more options can mean more confusion. But how is a business owner supposed to evaluate which ones are right for their business or the most cost-effective?

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