Help Your Clients Understand The Value Of A Local Digital Presence

How do you sum up the need for a local digital presence for your SEO clients when some of them don’t even understand what a digital presence is at all?

Try breaking it down into the simplest terminology possible. One option is to take your client by the shoulders, look deeply into his (or her) eyes and say, “If you build it...they won’t have the slightest idea how to find it.”

The (Quickly) Changing Role of Twitter in SEO

As Google goes forward with the changes to their search functioning making results more personalized by incorporating Google+ and other features, ripples continue to be sent out through the internet and search communities. Twitter has now released a strong statement opposing the changes because as they see it, twitter content will not appear on Google SERPs with as high a ranking as before. This, they argue is a tragedy for all web searchers, consumers, and publishers who rely on the real-time information that is posted on Twitter for everything from news and  status updates to retail information.

When SEO may not be worth the cost…

Everyone wants to be at the top. Similar to many new website owners that believed owning a website meant business would subsequently be automatic, the majority of executives and business owners purchasing SEO believe that being at the top means their business will flourish, have thousands of visitors and hundreds of new orders. They rely heavily on the inaccurate data provided by third party SEO tools, Google Adwords Keyword Research and Keyword Tracker.

Search vs. Social Media: Finding the Right Balance

I receive lots of questions regarding both search and social media and I am often asked by clients and friends, which strategy is the best for my business?  Obviously, there should be a balance of search vs. social media marketing for anyone wishing to conduct a comprehensive web marketing campaign, but what this article is going to talk about is the general expectations of focusing on Search vs. Social media.

Does Page Load Time Matter for SEO?

Page load time is defined as the time it takes for a webpage to fully load in a browser showing all elements of a page.  Does relative page load time matter for SEO?  Here's a question that has come up on my radar a few times over the last few months.  In fact, Matt Cutts of Google recently spoke about it in one of his many blog videos (link below).  So, with so many people wondering does the speed to load a page affect

What Should Be the Limit of Links on a Page for SEO Purposes?

Whether you are an SEO/SEM professional or an independent web developer, one of the essential aspects of optimizing your site is receive high quality one way backlinks from others.  In the past, building links was much easier due to the fact that years ago Google rarely penalized a site that received links from link farms, reciprocal links (never penalized- but hold very little if any weight), three way links and paid links.  In fact, many in our indus

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