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Improve the Health of Your Company with Right Healthcare Choices

With many small business owners struggling just to keep their businesses afloat, rising healthcare costs for their employees is just one more burden to deal with.

For those who are not aware, health care is the second greatest cost for a small business owner following payroll, hence it proves a major expense issue to deal with.

You Can Have An App For That Too!

I'm not a programmer, nor am I even come close to one.  I know enough to manage my own website and not totally screw it up.  I may know a little more because I have screwed it up a few times and have had to fix it.  But making my own app for an iphone or an Android phone?  Not a chance.

10 Ways to Get Rid of Your Customers

When you are in business, you need to remember that without your customers, you are nothing. I have been in the ebook business for 5 years (internet marketing over 10 years) and have grown to appreciate my customers immensely. It always amazes me when a fellow online business owner shows his/her customers no appreciation. I even had one fellow ebook store owner say that he wanted everything as easy as possible because he did not want to have to bother with his customers. I was stunned!

So, if you are like the above mentioned business owner and don’t want to have to “bother” with your customers, here are ten effective tips for doing just that!

5 Steps to Building Brands Online

When marketing on the internet building brands becomes very important due to these immense amount of traffic and competition. All too often online marketers get so involved in promoting their products and/or services they lose sight of the importance of business branding. Creating a unique identity online helps people identify you from the 'pack' and also more quickly relate a certain product, service or niche to you or your business. Developing brand recognition is actually a very intricate part of your marketing strategy that should not be overlooked. If done correctly your business branding can bring you an unreal amount of traffic and all with little or no effort.

Superior Value Equals Superior Sales

If your car needed repair work, would you go to a garage that offers free estimates? You likely would. Today, most garages offer them.

Not only has it become a customary practice, but also everyone expects a free estimate from mechanics.

Making The Most Of Your Down Business Cycle

Learn how to build an accurate income forecast for your business while creatively taking advantage of your slower months.

When I first started coaching my mentor coach warned me that August and December tended to be slow months while January, April and September were the busiest months in terms of clients seeking coaches. Armed with this information, I was able to build a realistic income forecast for my business as well as plan personal downtime.

Planning around my business cycles is one key way I have been able to stay in business for 12 years.

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