The (Quickly) Changing Role of Twitter in SEO

As Google goes forward with the changes to their search functioning making results more personalized by incorporating Google+ and other features, ripples continue to be sent out through the internet and search communities. Twitter has now released a strong statement opposing the changes because as they see it, twitter content will not appear on Google SERPs with as high a ranking as before. This, they argue is a tragedy for all web searchers, consumers, and publishers who rely on the real-time information that is posted on Twitter for everything from news and  status updates to retail information.

10 Small Business Twitter Accounts You Should Know (and follow!)

As Twitter gains momentum (and active users) it can become more and more difficult to weed out the best handles to follow. Some are spam handles, some share off-topic news, but some are gems! Today, Wasp Barcode Technologies has sorted through some of the more popular accounts, and we’re sharing with you our top ten twitter accounts relevant to small businesses.

The New Twitter Roll Out


For those of us that rely on social networking sites for marketing your websites, products, services and brand names Twitter can obviously be a boon.  While not for everyone, Twitter has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and today is at the pinnacle of social networks on the web.  While Twitter can seem like it moves at a million miles per hour and be a little (or a lot) constricting with its 140 word text microblog limit, for tho

Five Crucial Things You Must Do To Build Your Business With Social Networking

The age of social networking is more than upon us-it is becoming INGRAINED in us. Many of us are so addicted that we can hardly get out of bed before we begin checking to see status updates on Facebook and Twitter. Reconnecting with old friends and staying in touch with current ones are great reasons to use social networks-but what about using them to market your business?

The fact is, those same networks that you are using to share pictures and reminisce about old times can be great sources of income for your business. In addition, there are plenty of social networks out there that are made specifically for doing just that.

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