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The Difference Between Venture Capital and Working Capital Why Knowing the Difference Can Help Your Business Survive

It is not uncommon for business owners suffering through a cash flow crunch to determine that bringing on an equity partner or investor, such as a venture capitalist or angel investor, will solve all their problems. Unfortunately, during my 28 years in the alternative business finance industry, I have seen many businesses fail due to this kind of thinking.

Factoring: A Viable Alternative to Venture Capital

In today’s difficult credit environment, companies are turning over every stone and looking in every nook and cranny in their efforts to obtain the financing they need to grow and prosper.

Skip Green sees it first-hand. The founder and president of Alden Green, Associates in Oakville, Ontario, has been helping companies obtain financing for nearly two decades. The primary financing tools Green recommends are venture capital, private or angel financing, government guaranteed loans and grants—and factoring.

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