Take Pride in a Better Business Website

When you stop and think about it, how proud are you of your business website?

For many business owners, their websites are the bread and butter of their operations.

With a solid website, one can build a business that has unlimited potential. With a so-so website, missed opportunities (including an enhanced revenue stream) are oftentimes part of the picture.

So, is your website going to take you to extraordinary levels of business success? Or will it ultimately leave you thinking about what could have been?

Review Your Site Today

For your website to grow leaps and bounds over time, make sure you are doing the following:

  • Reviewing it – First and foremost, how often do you review your business website? In the hustle and bustle that is today’s business world, it is not uncommon for business owners to lose sight of the importance of their websites. As a result, missed opportunities (especially on the financial end of things) become all too commonplace. When that happens, some businesses in fact end up folding over time. So that you do not become one of those businesses, do periodical reviews of your site. Look to see what is typically getting the most positive attention from your visitors. While you obviously want to keep these areas strong, you also need to focus on those areas of your site that are not as strong. Why is that? What can you do to attract more page visits? By doing reviews, you can see where the traffic is landing, giving you a better idea of how to space that traffic throughout your site;
  • Organization – How you organize your website is crucial in attaining and maintaining a popular site with consumers. As part of your review, make sure the site is neatly organized, allowing visitors to easily jump from one page to another. Sites such as trade bit and others like them make it easy for consumers to find the information they want, download what they want, and leave the site without feeling like they just worked on a crossword puzzle. Your company’s contact information (see more below) should also be clearly defined, allowing visitors to find the person and/or specific department in your organization that they need to address;
  • Engagement – It is important that you regularly engage with visitors to your site when they have inquiries, look to you to solve problems tied to your site and/or industry etc. Make sure you regularly review the feedback section of your site, thereby allowing you to respond in a prompt and courteous manner to visitors. Speaking of engagement, it is critical that your “contact” page be readily available for anyone looking to reach you. Unfortunately, too many business website make their visitors go through a maze just to find such a page. You want it front and center, allowing visitors easy access to your business;
  • Imagery – You may not think that the visuals on your site matter all that much, but that is so not true. Having a visually appealing website (images, infographics etc.) makes for a better user experience for the consumer. He or she is more inclined to return to your site if they not only found it useful, but also attractive. Face it; a site that is too heavy on copy and not offering much as far as items to look at doesn’t always do well with consumers. If you’re a little unfamiliar with how to get a site that visually grabs consumer’s attention, hire someone with a graphic arts background (or outsource your needs) to meet this important component of a winning site;
  • Resourceful – Last but not certainly least, how resourceful is your website? Does it provide the answers consumers are looking for? Does it give the user an experience they would recommend to their friends and family? As a consumer yourself, would you visit your business website regularly if in need of the products and/or services you offer? Having a business website that is seen as authoritative and informative in the business community is priceless. Be the go-to experts in your respective niche, driving up your revenue stream over time.

If you haven’t exactly taken pride in your business website in recent times, make a concerted effort to change that today.

About the author

Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as human resources and running a small business.


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