Target Audience: Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Are you trying to market to the entire world and finding it hard to get clients? Build your business, make more money and love your work by using this list of questions to identify and find your ideal clients.

Your target audience consists of the people and businesses that are most likely to need and want what you have to sell. Before you create a marketing plan for your business, it is critical that you define your target audience and create an ideal client profile so you can attract this audience with your marketing. Once you have identified your target audience and ideal clients you will find it so much easier to design your marketing plan around their identity and their needs.

Some of the questions you may want to ask when defining your ideal client are listed below. Not all questions will be applicable to your ideal client, so pick and choose the questions based on your needs.

* What is his or her age?
* What is his or her gender?
* What is his or her marital status and do they have children?
* Where do they live?
* What is his or her income?
* What is his or her educational level?
* What is his or her hobbies?
* Is this person involved in any organized sport?
* Does this person own a business?
* In what industry is his or her business?
* Is his or her business located in their home?
* How big is his or her business?
* What is his or her annual revenue?
* How long have they been in business?
* Who is his or her ideal client and do you know how to reach them?
* What tasks and issues does this person hate to deal with?
* What problems does this person have?
* How can you solve these problems?
* Will this person pay for what you offer?
* Has this person worked with someone like you before?
* Where can you find him or her?
* Does this person belong to any organization such as a trade association or volunteer group?
* Do they read any industry or entertainment publications?

Once you have answered the questions and created the ideal client profile, then you incorporate this information into your website and other marketing materials. You'll waste less time looking for clients, and when you find them they will be more likely to hire you. Ideal clients will inspire you, make you feel confident, pay you what you're worth, praise you, and refer other clients to you without being asked.

Another way of defining your ideal client is to look at past and present clients. Which of these clients did you enjoy working with the most? Pull those client files and list their characteristics based on the questions above. To help you concentrate on which marketing methods worked best in the past, client attraction mentor Fabienne Fredrickson, recommends you ask how your favorite clients found you.

Perhaps the most important benefit of this process is that you will be empowered to fire clients who drive you to distraction, and you will not waste time trying to get an unsuitable client to sign a contract with you! You deserve to work with clients who bring out the best in you-so don't be shy, and get started on finding your ideal client!

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