Tell us your business story, and we'll feature it online for 90 days, for free

Previously, Idea Cafe's Biz Profiles stayed online for 45 days, but we know that in a tough economy entrepeneurs need promotion and networking opportunities more than ever. This is why the period, during which your Biz Profile will be featured on Idea Cafe, for free, went up from 45 to 90 days.

If you have been in business for at least six month (and haven't been featured previously on Idea Cafe), you can submit your profile now. Register at and navigate your way to the profile submission form at .

Business Owners' Idea Cafe, the premier Small Business Gathering Place, publishes Profiles of small business owners to inspire, motivate and enlighten other entrepreneurs. From the hundreds of Profile submissions received at Idea Cafe, only the best are featured. Selection of your Profile gives you and your business recognition as a small business leader and validates your hard work and dedication. This is your opportunity to tell the world about your biz and move it to the next level!

Our Biz Profiles feature companies from all industry fields. New profiles are listed on the site's front page on the day of their publication.


I hope that many small

I hope that many small businesses take advantage of this free opportunity.

yes good good good

yes good good good

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