Three Ways To Get Your Business Noticed

Whether you’ve been top of your game for the past decade, or perhaps you are new to the wonderfully complex and challenging world of business, it can be tough to keep standing out from the crowd. Fickle customers, markets that have had their fair share of peaks and troughs due to world political factors and even internal company reshuffles can wreak havoc on even the best thought out of business plans. So if you want to get your business noticed, then it’s time to get with the times. Change need not necessarily be a bad thing; in fact, implementing a few small tweaks here and there will see your leads flourish and could even inspire a whole new way of thinking within your organization.

First and foremost, it’s important to remember why you want to get your business noticed. Are your sales and performance taking a turn for the worse? Perhaps a new up and coming competitor has seen your revenue take a tumble? Not to mention, as customer requirements change, are you positioning yourself in the most effective manner for your line of business and preferred market? So if you are keen to make those changes happen, be sure not to bite off more than you can chew. Remember to evaluate your business plan first and then decide which areas are a key priority for your business goals. More haste and less speed is the best model to follow here, as any mistakes you make now could cost you dearly if you don’t put in the groundwork first.

Check your branding

The first rule of business is good branding. From Coca-Cola to Hewlett Packard or Apple, we all know that consumers identify with strong brands – and ultimately want to invest their hard-earned dollars on products and a company that they know and trust. Is your branding letting you down? Even if you have recently revised your brand architecture or are looking to reposition your firm, checking how, where and why you are using your branding before splashing out is a good place to start. If you have a company logo that needs an update then why not get your creative team to lend a hand? Online resources such as logo maker are an excellent way to trial and test new ideas. Secondly, be sure to keep all your branding consistent and updated, it’s no good updating your website if you fail to change internal communications channels too. Finally, do conduct some vox pop surveys with your employees, and get your colleagues to help vote for the best design or logo. Getting all your teams involved is a sure fire way to reassure your workforce that they are respected and are essential for the future growth of your business – don’t leave important branding decisions strictly behind closed doors in the boardroom.

Go digital

Sure you might have launched a brand new website or spent a small fortune on social media management and upkeep, but are you being savvy when it comes to using digital effectively? Social media can be a full-time job if you don’t manage your time efficiently, so why waste precious time and effort when making a few small changes will simplify how you keep your online presence packing a punch and up to date? Experiment with social media management tools to schedule posts and engage with global audiences; business might be a 24-hour minefield, but you certainly won’t have the energy or the resources to keep up with it. Be sure to respond, or develop a series of stock responses for any visitors to your website or who engage with you on social media – poor response time is sure to be picked up by your customers, so why let yourself down after putting in all the hard work? Remember in digital marketing that content is king, so use yours wisely. Are you already using a social media editorial calendar to keep up to date with events around your firm? Do you have a solid PR schedule in place? Time and error will ultimately cost you money and could even lose you followers in the long run, so don’t be sloppy. Be sure that your social media is as streamlined and up to date as the rest of your business. Once you have implemented these changes, sit back and enjoy your steadily growing social empire – bad press need not be detrimental remember, it’s how you manage this that will get you noticed.

Stick to your plan

There’s no point writing up a complex business model, haggling over budget and establishing key business priorities and objectives if you don’t then stick to these. Sure, it can be easy to make a few changes and updates here and there but be sure that your plan is kept up to date and modified accordingly. No one likes to do business with a careless colleague, so make sure that your plan doesn’t reflect this either. Similarly, pushy managers and more senior members of your firm may force your hand into making decisions that you don’t necessarily agree with – but stand your ground. Remember what and why you are changing and respond accordingly. Finally, remember that even the best-made plans might go off course. It’s how you respond to this that will get you noticed. Keeping calm under pressure and always dealing with complaints or issues in a calm and approachable manner is the best tactic to use when faced with a stressful situation. Failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing – why not learn from your mistakes with grace and be sure to ask for help and support if you need it? Business is a tough game to play, so make sure that even if you don’t come out on top, you can roll with the punches and come back fighting next time.

Following these three simple rules will not only get your business noticed, but it will also teach you some important personal lessons along the way. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make some noise!


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