Tips to Help You Choose the Best Branded Coffee Mug for Your Promotional Activities

Consumers love a giveaway, especially when they are free. You will find a number of items that you can use for your branding effort and that will always attract consumers to take up your products and services. Giving out items with your logo on it keeps your company name visible to your customers as well as a way to catch the attention of potential ones . A branded mug provides one of the favorite items that consumers will always want to have on their kitchen counters. A coffee mug is a functional item that consumers will always find use for. When picking promotional items, consider the coffee mug among the leading items to use.


You want your brand to be associated with high quality at all times. The coffee mugs you choose should be of good quality. They should have a smooth surface with the colors not faded or discolored. The mug handle should attach to the mug itself firmly. It would be disappointing for it to detach when user has filled it with hot liquid. A good quality mug will show that your brand is committed to providing quality products. If the giveaways are of poor quality, the consumers may assume the same of your products. Good quality also shows you hold your customers or clients in high regard and you want to give them the best.

Attractive designs

Go for an attractive design for the personalized mug. You will find two-tone mugs, contoured ones and even classic coffee mugs. Go for a design you feel reflects your good taste. The price varies for each mug but go for one that will appeal to the consumers. You can even go for a unique design. If you are giving the mug away during promotional events, consumers will strive to meet your set requirements in order to walk away with the mug. The more attractive the mug, the more consumers will want to get it.

Professional done branding

Do not leave the printing work to a branding company that has no idea of what it is doing. Consider a company that will give you professionally printed mugs. Regardless of how simple or complex the printing job is, you want to end up with legible wordings and clear images. Check the previous work that the printing company has done, especially in designs or templates that you have an interest in. You will be able to gauge the capability of the company based on this. If the company does not have the equipment or expertise to carry out the type of printing you want done, then do not take chances with it.


Let the lowest price you pay for a branded mug be due to the fact that it requires the least amount of work. It should not be because of poor quality. A classic mug will not cost much and will usually be in a single color without much more going for it. You can use the low priced mugs for mass promotional events. You can use the pricier pieces for limited activities. For example, you can use the two-toned mugs that cost more to reward consumers during special occasions.

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