Tips For Small Business Owners: What You Must Know About Finance Management

The most daunting part of any business are and always will be – its finances. Managing money is never a trivial matter nor is it something that a vast majority of people enjoy. Although knowing the precise what and where of your company’s finances can be nerve-wracking to say the least, it is necessary that you understand where your money is going. The sooner we roll up our proverbial sleeves and dive neck-deep into the not-so-exciting-at-all world of accounting - the better.

Start early

Taking the time to read up on finances is not only a smart business move, it’s a necessity. When your entire business venture is possibly riding on your knowledge on the subject, leave nothing to chance. The more we hold off on educating ourselves, the more work we’ll face down the line. Categorize everything early on, figure out how paying employees works, how invoices are sent. The more time you put into it, the easier it will become. After a week or two, it will become routine and you’ll learn what to expect down the line.

It is important to point out that all and any finances related to your business need to be kept on separate accounts. Mixing up your personal and business finances is a recipe for disaster on both fronts: it will mix up your expenses and make everything confusing and make doing your taxes a nightmare you do not wish to have. Do the right thing, make a separate account and, while doing it, go ahead and make several accounts such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory etc. These will be your bread and butter come tax day.

Mark down seasonal spikes and drops

Once you start monitoring your finances, make a chart. Firstly, well, charts are fun. Secondly, a good chart of your cash flow over a certain time period will help point out spikes and drops in revenue. By familiarizing yourself with these patterns, you will get a good idea of how when dry periods are due and how big of a cushion you’ll need. Not every month will end up being profitable due to a great number of factors and it this is why a part of the excess revenue from spike periods needs to be held on to for rainy days.

Don’t overdo it

With a better understanding of cash flow, one might feel inclined to get to spending right away. Although investing in your business will directly contribute to its growth, smart spending is crucial. Customer satisfaction and product quality should still be a primary concern, however, taking the time to consider all available options can result in obtaining a better deal with satisfactory service. There is a wide variety of free software out there with negligible premium options that sometimes completely blow pricier competitors out of the water – do your research, every penny counts.

Utilize tech

With the prevalence of specialized software in recent years, it’s only natural that it took root in accounting as well. With a plethora of accounting software out there, there really is an app for everyone. It is still considered a smart move to understand everything that goes into accounting before investing in software. At the end of the day, you need to know what goes on under the hood when you click an option or run a certain process. This is more of a quality of life improvement and a timesaver than a replacement for your watchful eye.

When taking on this new-fangled tech or simply needing help in the sea of information in front of you, professionals can help. Whether looking for a permanent solution or help figuring things out, there are companies that offer complimentary consultations. For example, LLB Sydney Accountants can really make sense of the chaos of managing finance and can help not only show you where you’re at, but where you’re going and how to correct the path if need be. In the end it’s better to be safe than sorry, there is no reason to wing it when help is readily available and free.  

Take it slow

The key point is to take it slow. Bide your time, study your environment, consult professionals and plan your moves accordingly. Business is a minefield, every step might end up being your last. Because of this, every step must be carefully considered and followed through to the letter – your brain and wallet will be thankful. This may come off as pretty harsh, but so is the world out there. Catching a break is as rare as finding a four-leaf clover, don’t hope on being lucky, be calculated.


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