Tips for Smooth and Stress-Free Office Move

Work is stressful as it is without having to organize and conduct an office move. However, there are ways you can organize an office move that’s less stressful and smooth for everyone involved. Here’s what steps to take to achieve that huge feat.


Measure twice

Make a thorough inspection of your facilities and make sure to bring a tape measure with you. Make sure to take every single imaginable measurement and pass them on to your moving partners and interior designers. If you don’t provide accurate measurements, it will definitely interfere with both your move and your new office design.


Come up with a good office floor plan

Now that you know every measurement in your new place, it’s time to come up with a good floor plan. Since your workers spend a full 8 hours a day in your space, it’s very important to create a nurturing, relaxing yet professional environment. This is the best opportunity to assess your last office and arrange your new space in a way that will be healthier and more comfortable for use.


Find professionals

If you want to leave your employees stress free, you must contact professionals to conduct your removal instead of just assigning roles to your workers. If you hire professional designer transport services, you can expect quick removalist and delivery work that will require absolutely no effort on your side. Professionals are always the most reliable and consistent way to conduct your move, so don’t hesitate to rely on them.


Move your utilities

Most businesses today simply can’t function without the internet, phone and other electronics, so make sure they are moved before you start operating from your new location. Ensure you start this part early into the moving process because various issues can occur during phone line rerouting and computer moving. Make sure to have a good backup plan for all your IT resources during the move so you don’t have to stop your operation.


Inspect one more time

Before you send your removalists, ensure every light bulb, every outlet and every fixture is functional. Check for leaks—these are tricky to handle! It’s much easier to take care of these issues when the place is empty than when you have to jump over furniture and move everything around in order to reach a malfunction. 


Assign roles

Even if you hire professional removalists, you still need some inside help from your employees. For instance, each head of department should make an inventory of the items in their department. Many movers don’t handle plants so you might want to assign this task to some of your employees. Your managers might also stay to oversee the move (one should stay at your old place and other welcome movers at the destination).


Organize a welcome party

Everyone who stayed behind should be properly rewarded for their troubles. If you can’t pay for overtime or give out any bonuses, make sure to treat your employees with a hearty lunch and plenty of drinks. This will kill all the tension and stress you acquired during the move and you’ll all feel happy and excited to start your work in a new place.

Make sure everyone is aware of the move early and know about their role in the process. If you measure, hire the right people and assign good roles, you’ll have a seamless and smooth move that will result in a perfect workspace for your business.


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