The Top 7 SEO Trends That Dominated 2016 and Will Stay Dominant in 2017 too

Let us recollect some of the important and powerful trends that 2016 had to offer in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

No matter what your role in SEO industry was, the SEO industry never leaves us without saying something to talk about and this year there was plenty to discuss about. Let`s have a look at some of the biggest trends that controlled the past year:

(1)  AMPs or Accelerated Mobile Pages

In the order to make the web easier to navigate and read for mobile users, Accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) were actually introduced at the end of 2015 by Google. By this year they became popular as they underwent further development. You can turn any content on your site into an AMP by using protocols that are made publicly available by Google which basically means when accessed by a mobile device your page will load much faster. It is gateway for organic search visibility which is important and shouldn`t be neglected.

(2)  Video content

Last year video content took another step forward, by adding more video functionality as well as satisfying users and brands that use them with higher visibility particularly brands like Facebook. In the way search engines index and provide videos nothing much has changed but as it is seeing more links, shares and interaction, vide contents are in higher demand.

(3) Short-section, long- form content.

As the most popular and effective form of content marketing, long form content is found to be attractive and interesting but there is a specific type of  long form content that`s become remarkable.  For a few reasons written content several thousand words long that`s broken up into small and distinct parts has risen drastically in popularity. In long form content you can easily distinguish yourself from the competition and provide more direct value to your readers. But the standard long form content is not enough; to make it easier to read they are broken into smaller sections on mobile phones that is keeping the language user friendly.

(4) Real time Google updates

By incorporating major branches of algorithm into core, Google also kept up its trend by exposing Penguin 4.0. For company use, Penguin 4.0 has involved a migration of Penguin algorithm to the main search ranking algorithm. If you’re caught using questionable link tactics, you’ll get corrected faster as Penguin now updates in real-time, you’ll be able to recover faster as well if you re repairing your reputation.

(5) Unexplained ranking restructuring

A number of strange, unnamed, unexplained Google updates were seen in 2016 that shook up organic search rankings for unknown reasons. These updates were they pat of some bigger plan for the future of the search algorithm, however SEO experts are still not sure what the purpose of these updates were.

(6) Featured parts

In terms of display frequency in response to search queries, featured snippets have risen in popularity throughout 2016 as well as in terms of exploitation on behalf of search optimizers looking to feed more information to Google. In order to quickly and easily abstract information on your site, it is important to use micro formatting throughout your site making it available as a rich snippet in SERPs

These are some of the top trends and some information to use when planning next year’s iteration of your campaign. I hope it was helpful studying these top trends in order to look closely at the planning you carried throughout the year.


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