Top Six Information Technology Careers to Opt-In

Information Technology, also known as "IT" today has been the buzz for over decades now! From browsing your mobile phone to downloading an app from Google PlayStore, everything is an aspect of IT. While many people are fascinated with the idea of having a career in IT, not many are aware of the job profiles or career prospects.

Today, information technology careers are lucrative and increasing in number. If you are planning to walk-in to the digital domain, some of the best career options for you are as follows.


1.  Customer Support Specialist

When you work in this job profile, you deal with a huge aspect of information technology. As a customer care specialist, you support all kinds of information technology requirements. It includes working with analysts, developers, end-users, and administrators. You also might have to help the helpdesk professionals who aren't mainstream IT candidates. A part of your KRA (Key Responsibility Area) comprises of governing over the present network systems, troubleshooting Internet, LAN, and WAN and also carry out the required maintenance on the network systems.


2.  Mobile Application Developer

Today, the job profile of a mobile application developer is a lucrative career option. Thanks to the numerous web applications that are coming up. As IT professionals you will use the primary coding languages and will come up with future mobile apps. You will have to design the same for both Android and iOS devices. For this, you need to also study about user experience and web interface. It will help you to create a stable web application framework that is simple and easy to use.


3.   Cloud Architect

Everyone’s heard about cloud computing! Though this storage space is present in ether, it's essential to manage it well. It's necessary to organize it and provide it specific architecture. And this is what the job of a cloud architect is all about.


4.   A Health IT Specialist

Today, the designation of Health IT is a flourishing career opportunity. Recently, there have been significant changes happening in the healthcare sector, owing to the Affordable Care Act. There's increased importance given to the digital health records. The expert Health IT specialists will blend in computer know-how with record-keeping. However, the specialties in billing, cancer registry and medical coding are also important aspects.


5.   The Web Developers

One of the most common but important IT careers is Web Developers. They take in the responsibility for developing web applications, web pages, web content and many more. They also need to have an in-depth idea of a stable operating system. In addition to that, many other skills are essential. Web developers should also be proficient in several web languages, such as JavaScript and HTML.


6.   Software Engineer

Are you into video games? Do you want to design the next social networking platform? If yes, then software engineering is the domain for you. They have a broad spectrum of responsibilities.


Careers in IT don’t stop at these job profiles only. There are many more careers scopes such as CRM, Data Modelers, and IT Vendor Manager and many more. However, these some of the popular IT careers that you can decide to opt-in.

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