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Are you in IT and looking to build a career for yourself? Or are you professional who has been tasked with finding good IT professionals for your company?

Either way, VIQU is the solution to your problem. The Birmingham recruitment agency which was founded in 2014, believes in smart recruitment. The company has worked hard for years in order to further their mission of ‘Smart People Solutions’ and provide those solutions to the IT, Telecommunications as well as Engineering sectors of UK. With the help of VIQU you can not only build your career, but you can find IT professionals whom you can easily welcome into your company. They work on an ‘expert to expert’ system, which allows them to use their expertise in the world of IT as well as telecommunication to find individuals as well as companies who will be a perfect match for each other.

How does the Expert 2 Expert system help?

At VIQU, there is a great deal of emphasis on the ‘expert to expert’ or ‘e2e’ system. His system is useful for both IT professionals as well as any company who is looking to hire such an individual. With this system, the recruiter who handles the process does not just have knowledge of the recruitment process, but about the different fields of IT. This allows the recruiter to have a better understanding of the skills of the IT professionals and allows the recruiter to be able to present their exact skillset to different companies. The company through its ‘e2e’ system offers expertise in six different fields which are : cyber security, development & web, management project & leadership, BI & data, business & systems, and finally, infrastructure.

Why choose VIQU?

If you are looking for a recruitment consultant Birmingham, then you can rest assured that VIQU will be able to get the job done for you. The agency has developed an agency that is able to deliver ‘Smarter People Solutions’ through the combined 50 years of niche experience of is core workers. Its system of ‘e2e’ helps further the core value of understanding the needs of the client.

Through years of hard work, VIQU aims to uphold its values of integrity, understanding as well as quality. With VIQU, you will be able to receive, honest and up front communication about the recruitment process every step of the way. From the first phone call, until the placement meeting, you will receive quality work. With VIQU you will be able to see all of your needs fulfilled; they work on the basis of understanding what your needs and wishes for your company moving forward and what you need from your IT professional.

Looking to build a career?

If you are still a student who is interested in the VIQU academy, then you will be treated well when it comes to VIQU. For most students, the path they want to take after they have finished with their education is clear. Hence, they will seek opportunities where they can learn more about their field of work. Internships and apprenticeships are one way of sneaking a peek into the real world, and to be able to understand the needs of the sector in which you may be interested in.

The VIQU Academy provides you with all of the opportunities to be able to learn more about the IT sector. The Academy is dedicated to being able to provide the youth of today with the necessary and required skill set that will allow them to be able to further their knowledge about the IT.

Through this program, companies as well as youths come together to be able to discuss their skills as well as knowledge and t be able to fill the skills gap prevalent in the industry.

With the help of this program, selected students are able to receive training which is highly work and performance based they are able to receive direct feedback from reputed companies itself.  This apprenticeship allows these skilled young students to be able to train themselves according to the needs of the market making them a valuable asset to businesses. By bringing the students and companies in direct contact, it allows the young students to have a clear idea of what they can expect from the IT world.

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