Types of Display Advertising For Growth Of Your Business

A while back, display advertising solely meant banner adverts that customers came across while browsing different websites on the internet, with only a handful of audience-targeting choices. Today, display advertising has grown so much with regards to the devices and sites where ads are shown, targeting abilities, and functionality as well as user experience. Marketers now have many opportunities to attract consumers via various display advertising strategies. Below are five types of display advertising to help you reach customers regardless of where they are on the internet.


1. Mobile Geofencing

With geofencing, you can target users of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, with ads based on how close they are to a given location. Use geofencing to "fence" an area such as your company's address, your competitor's company, or any other important events or businesses. Geofencing is important because it helps you promote brand awareness with in-person visitors, service appointments, or local customers. Customers tend to use their mobile devices to look for businesses that are near them; therefore, geofencing gives you the opportunity of reaching them through their smartphones.


2. Targeting through Website Placement

Most people don't know it, but this is the most effective and safest targeting option when using display ads. This is because it allows you to choose the websites where your ads will go instead of leaving that work to Google. For instance, if your company sells jewelry, then choosing jewelry-related sites should be your first step in reaching potential buyers. In case you don't know the right websites, set your campaign in such a way that it automatically targets all sites, then check the sites on which Google has already placed your adverts.


3. Retargeting

It is very common to visit a website and see a particular brand's ad on that website as well as other sites you visit or in the apps you download. Retargeting is one of the most powerful forms of display advertising as it lets you target specific clients that have previously shown a desire for your brand by going to your site or by just searching your company's name on the search engine. On top of promoting product awareness, retargeting brings back visitors to your site. This can motivate them to get in touch with you and, in the process, generate your business more leads.


More so, you can retarget visitors to your site while they are on Facebook, regardless of whether they are logged on through the mobile app, mobile site, or desktop site. There are very many Facebook users in the world, and if you can reach your target audience, your business will surely grow.


4.  Pay Per Click(PPC) 

PPC also goes by the name cost per click. It's a great advertising strategy that many businesses use to increase website traffic. What happens is that the advertiser pays the publisher every time the ad is clicked. This strategy has proven to increase sales, which is the end goal of all businesses.


5. Advertising by Pure Display 

All the above display advertising tactics are very useful in growing your business. However, it's crucial to remember the pure display advertising. For example, advertising using banners help many customers to know about your business on the internet just as a billboard on a highway. You can find a fabric banner, retractable banner, or any other type of banner by searching the web. This is a very effective yet affordable method of display advertising that both big and small companies can use to grow.




Using the above types of display marketing alongside your existing advertising plan will help you get the best out of your efforts while reaching more clients. When well implemented, you will not only grow your client base but also achieve the goals you have set in terms of sales.


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