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Anish Sebastian, Co-Founder and CEO of Babyscripts
Anish Sebastian co-founded Babyscripts in 2013 with the vision that internet enabled medical devices and big data would transform the delivery of pregnancy care. Since the company’s inception, they have raised over $15M and gathered the support of more than 40 health systems around the country to further their vision of a data centric model in prenatal care. As the CEO of BabyScripts, Anish has focused his efforts on product and software development, as well as research validation of their product. Under his leadership, the Babyscripts product development team has refined the product offering, enhanced the product market fit, and commercialized their product suite in multiple markets. Anish has also focused his attention on leading evidence-based research endeavors that have resulted in multiple first-in-kind publications and white papers, further quantifying and validating the benefits of their product.


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