Want to Feel More Secure About Those You Hire?

As you stop for a moment to look and see as to why your business is or isn’t successful, where does hiring rank?

When it comes to hiring the right people for your company, you can prove to be quite a genius or much less than that.

Keep in mind that there is no 100 percent guarantee you are always going to get the best of the best when it comes to employees. That said you can’t afford to be making bad hires over and over again. Not only will this impact your overall financial well-being, but it can also greatly impact company morale.

So, as you look to head into 2017 in less than two months, will you take the time to see what is and isn’t working with your hiring practices?

Getting it Right the First Go-Around

So that you can improve the chances of hiring the right talent from the get-go, keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Not a pure science – As mentioned a moment ago, hiring the best talent each and every time is certainly not a given. For starters, some candidates can literally pull the wool over your eyes. In those cases, they may have sounded and/or appeared to be a good fit, but you later find out otherwise. In such instances, learn from what went wrong, lessening the chances those mistakes will be made time and time again;
  • What’s the rush? – In many cases, you will know ahead of time when you are ready to consider hiring new employees. As a result, take your time and do it correctly. Unless you need to fill a position ASAP, you should take what would be deemed the necessary time for the correct hire. This also allows you to get a good mix of candidates to come in and interview with you.

Backgrounds Certainly Matter

  • Don’t overlook one’s background – Another important piece of the puzzle is making sure you do background checks on potential employees. By doing such searches, you lessen the odds of hiring not only the wrong people for the job, but some of whom could actually damage your business over time. Use the background checks in context with everything else you would normally do during the hiring process;
  • Be upfront about the company – Nothing is more disappointing to a new hire than to get in with the company, only to later discover they were not really given the truth. If there isn’t a lot of potential growth on the horizon within your company, level with those you think of bringing on for current positions of need. In the event you have a bonus plan in place for new hires to strive for down the road, make sure you honor it. It is bad public relations to tell someone when hired that they can make X amount of dollars when they hit a goal, only to not follow through on your word;
  • Meet the staff – Lastly, you may do some interviews over the phone, others are likely to be in-person. When you opt for the latter, it doesn’t hurt to introduce to your current staff those you are thinking of hiring. This gives you a glimpse of how the potential hire/s interact with those already aboard. In doing so, you get a little taste of any potential chemistry issues; along with how interested a candidate truly is in an opening. If he or she asks questions and/or shows an interest in the company and its workers etc. they’re more likely to be better candidates for hire.

Take Hiring New Employees Seriously

One of the most important tasks you’ll find in running a business is bringing on the best and brightest talent.

If your hiring choices have not exactly been on point up to now, review what you’re doing.

In many cases, a little tweaking here and there can make all the difference in the world.

About the author

Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as human resources and running a small business.


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