Want High Traffic for your Ecommerce Portal? Responsive Web Design is the Answer

The use of website from early days of Internet was important as people communicated with each other and shared information apart from earlier messaging softwares. And the rest is history as now it is the de-facto way of conducting business worldwide. Businesses rely greatly on websites to carry out e commerce activities and make people look at their products and services and eventually them.

It is all but natural that we all admire attractive and unique design and appreciate a unique idea. While most of us use websites for getting information, a well-designed website attracts people who aren’t looking for information from that particular website. But the most important aspect that is the basis for writing this blog is the mobile-friendly version of the websites without which no website can get the traffic it longs for.


The Case for a Mobile-Friendly Website

Business owners have no choice concerning the responsive web design as it is an absolute necessity. In fact, studies show smartphones have taken over in the online-shopping marketplace by a long margin and the future also belongs to the mobile.

Whether your website is there to capture leads, inform customers or obtain sales, you must ensure it works seamlessly with all the world's latest smartphones and most importantly on Android and iOS, the two most popular operating system/platform. Not sure if your site measures up? The 3 tips below are what can make your website look tempting to the visitors.

1. A Responsive Layout

Businesses need to determine that whether their portal uses a responsive-technology framework or not. This allows your site’s important details to display properly on different devices. Lots of open-source or free frameworks exist, so looking for them is not something that will cost you or take your precious time. The design aspect is the key here as there are many factors that make it critical. If you think you can find a new york web design company for your business easily and without any hassle, then go ahead and hire them.

Back to the layout and framework aspect, a responsive-technology framework revolves around the layout of elements in a grid. These elements can shift on the grid, depending on the screen size used to access your site. Each component is spaced effectively across different gadgets.

It’s fine to focus on smartphones and tablets these days as you know the users with these gadgets will definitely visit your website but don't forget the laptop and desktop users. In most offices and businesses, employees there use laptops and in developing countries through old-versions of desktop computers too. So you have to take all these aspects in mind to come up with a responsive web design.

2. A Website Optimized for Thumb-Click

According to a research, there are many people who use a smartphone and try to click with their thumb as they hold the phone with all their other fingers. This is a key point that you must emphasize to the web designer. As a business owner, you need to make certain there is no need for the visitor of your website to zoom in and out to see or click any link. Most users will simply opt out of your website if they encounter any navigational problems.

3. A Simple, Uncluttered Website

If you want to get positive results for your website from a variety of platforms, a simple trick is to create a mobile-friendly website which is uncluttered and simple in the interface. A clean and unfussy layout is what the requirement is because that’s what most people enjoy. If it isn’t the case, majority of people visiting your website will leave for good.

Make sure your website is readable as a too much small or large font will require a user to zoom in or out taking precious time which nobody has. So stick to the average and most used font and give your visitors a visual treat rather than a messy and cluttered website. With modern website design examples in mind, you can get the most from the website in terms of design and layout.

Final Word

I am sure that the above mentioned 3 aspects can offer but as a startup or a small business, they can help you a lot in getting to your goal. If you want some clarification concerning anything mentioned in this blog or want to give your valuable feedback, then please use the comments section below.

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I’m Muhammad Osama qualified professional with a ground-breaking experience in developing SEO campaigns, analytics, and monitoring the ranking in Google search pages. A clear communicator with an experience of digital marketing and improving the ranks of a brand within few months.


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